DISCOVER IRAN- 3rd Club Meeting

10 08 2013



                                        Due to many reasons, Iran has been appearing in the media on a regular basis recently. With human civilization and history stretching back at least 7000 years in the region, there is wide artistic, architectural and cultural treasures in Iran.The customs and traditions in Iran reflect the Islamic law and Persian heritage of the country. “Ta’rof” is the Persian or Farsi word for the strong sense of etiquette that the Iranian people have and that is put into practise in all situations where people are in contact with others. 

RACKL’s “Discover…” series is back and we started it by giving an overview of modern day Persia by a “princess” of Persia, Dr Pardis Karimialavijeh.

A truly engaging talk that left all of us wanting to know more about the beautiful country.


Fellowship with Visiting Rotaractors :)

15 07 2013

RACKL has been very privileged to have an opportunity to meet our fellow Rotaractors from around the world. It gives us a great opportunity not only to learn more about their culture and society but most often gives us an opportunity to make new friends with whom we stay in touch hence forth.
PP Enrico from The Rotaract Club of Yale and Rotaractor Rowan and Shantelle from the Rotaract club of The Hunter were here in Kuala Lumpur. Being their first visit to Malaysia, members of RACKL decided to treat them to the famous Banana Leaf meal at Bangsar.  They certainly enjoyed their evening, it was a lovely evening of fellowship indeed!

All of us after tasting Indian Dessert and beverages

All of us after tasting Indian Dessert and beverages


Project Green Today, Greener Tomorrow

20 03 2008

What? Our International Community Service – Project Green Today, Greener Tomorrow  
When? 12 – 17 March 2008
Where? Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Rotaract Club of Malioboro, D3400 Indonesia and RAC Timog, D3780 Philippines is proud to collaborate on Project “GreenToday, Greener Tomorrow” making it a tri-district project to address the ever serious environmental issues on Global Warming.

Hopping on an AirAsia plane (where we had the opportunity to meet it’s CEO Tony Fernandez), we headed to Yogkarta, Indonesia on 12th March . If the date sounds familiar, it’s also coinciding with the 40th World Rotaract Week and we purposely fixed it so that we could celebrate WRW on a big scale doing something meaningful.

A joint meeting was held on 15th March 2008 between RACKL and the Rotary & Rotaract Clubs of Malioboro to celebrate World Rotaract Week as well as a meeting / fellowship with the Rotary Club of Taman Sari, D3400 Indonesia on 14th March 2008 where RACKL gave a talk / presentation at the Rotary Club of Taman Sari on “Why they should sponsor a Rotaract Club” in accordance with World Rotaract Week recognition criteria. Then it was time to get down to the gritty and plant some trees. A total of 160 Rotaractors, Rotarians, guests, volunteers & villagers participated in planting the various trees.

Although they were unable to join us, RAC Timog did the posters (which were distributed to all Rotaract and Rotary Club meetings we attend as well as posted at the locations where we planted the trees as it is our “Rotaract Forest”. On their part, RAC Timog conducted a Global Warming / environmental awareness seminar in Quezon City, Philippines involving several youth councils of their city.

Aside from that, RACKL also took the initiative to highlight this project on affiliate websites as stated below :-    
1) RACKL proudly became a part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign
2) 11th Hour Action – RACKL highlighted and promoted our project seeking for volunteers from all over the world to join us during the reforestation period
 3) Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur’s (DBKL) Jabatan Seni Taman & Kawalan Pembersihan Bandar – RACKL became members of our local municipal council’s “Rakan Taman” programme as volunteers and we will participate in any future programmes / activities organized by them on a “as need basis”

Talk by Dr Wolff and DRR Visit

4 02 2008

When? 23 February 2008
Where? Pahang Room, Shangri-la hotel, Kuala Lumpur.


Dr Volker Wolff, the director of Goethe Institute Kuala Lumpur dropped by our club meeting recently to enlighten us on German culture, the language and the activities Goethe conducts in Malaysia. A jovial speaker (with a penchant for cracking jokes), Dr Wolff also shared an interesting nugget – university tuition in most states in Germany is free; all you have to do is learn a minimum of 300hours of German beforehand to qualify for entrance. Hmm… guess how many of us are now eyeing Deutschland as a possible stop for our Master’s?

Also joining us on that day was District Rotaract Representative Dinesh Krishnan and IPDRR Chandrasegaran. Both of them were kind enough to share tips and experiences on issues such as membership development. DRR Dinesh also shared with us the criteria that our club would have to meet to achieve the DRR Citation, Presidential Citation and District Awards. The good news is that we’ve almost crossed out most of the criteria on our “to do” list! Yeay!

Since the day was themed as “West meets East”, we adjourned to Sahara Tent in Bukit Bintang for a Mediterranean dinner.

Culture Shiok!

11 03 2007

When? 10 March 2007, Where? Pahang room, Shangri-la hotel

No toilet paper? So many cats with no tails? Eating something that smells like rotten eggs and actually loving it? Who knew that there could be so many “shocking” and “shioking” (Ed: Slang for the feeling of awesomeness) things about living in Malaysia through the eyes of our foreign friends?

First up was Danny Marks, a Rotary Ambassadorial Scholar who is studying Peace Studies in Malaysia. Coming from the small town of Lexington in USA, Danny is no stranger to being in foreign lands as he has travelled to 23 countries.

Danny found it interesting that Malaysians have strong family values and religion is more prevalent in their lives. Everyone is nice except the taxi drivers (a common comment by all our speakers!). But most of all, he was impressed at how even though there are complaints between ethnic groups, everyone lived together without fighting and violence.

Iranian Farzaneh Razavi, a Masters student at UPM even dressed up in a traditional Kurdish outfit. Farzaneh shared with us how Iran was so big that there could be 4 different seasons at the same time in different parts of the country. Farzaneh found that when it comes to celebrating festivals, Malaysians are more open and welcome anyone to come & visit as compared to Iran where people are more private. She added that luckily in Malaysia, many people could speak English and are more outgoing compared to back home. It was interesting to learn that the two Iranian girls found Malaysian food including chocolate cake very salty! The one thing they won’t miss once they return home though are the cicak (lizards)! 🙂

We were also lucky to have a group of the Rotary International Youth Exchange Students to share their v.humorous experiences (you should see their expressions while talking about their close encounter with durians). These students are given a chance to stay for a year with local host families and go to local secondary schools.

German Carl Sandmann found many many differences between Malaysia and Germany. The most shocking (in which he could devote an entire chapter) was the toilets! In fact, he claims to be the only person who has needed an introductory course on how to use Malaysian toilets (basically many places don’t provide toilet paper and expect you to wet wash… well, contact Carl if you need more details… hehehehe)! Let’s not even go near the two weeks he spent there, thanks to his first encounters with Malaysian/Indian spicy food!

Brazil has always been well known for football, carnivale and bikinis. So predictably, Juliane Rodrigues was always asked “Why choose Malaysia?” and “How is Malaysia compared to Brazil?”. Her answer is simple – where else can you learn/experience 3 different cultures in a place smaller than her home state!

Juliane shared the experience of having banana leaf rice as her first meal in Malaysia. In Brazil, they eat with a knife and fork and eating with your hand is considered extremely disgusting. So having to do so here was difficult for her especially since she is left handed (which in Asia, is considered the “dirty” hand).

For Australian Alexis Kusinski, everyone she has met here has either been to Australia, studied there or knows someone living there. Although, after 3 months here, she is still a novelty in school where everyday new people come up and say hi to her. She also found it weird how students here are very study oriented – after school they have tuition and homework and are constantly worrying about their studies. In Australia, she and her friends usually go shopping or hangout at the beach after school.

Mexican Cristian provided many funny moments with his hilarious expressions and stories. He is the one person who found Malaysian food not spicy enough – “i have eaten spicier candies in Mexico!” He found the climate quite similar to Mexico only it’s hotter over there because he lives on an island and the beaches over here are quite similar to those on South of Mexico. School is also much more relaxed in Mexico and his school here is quite strict with so many rules (He was fined RM26 on his first day, RM1 for each rule he broke).

Overall, the session was very enlightening especially for those of us who never get to travel much. Learning about how someone sees our country through a different set of eyes was amazing as we never realised what we take for granted.

We all adjourned to Suzi’s Corner for some local food – nasi lemak, cheese naan, otak-otak, satay and so on where we shared more rib-tickling culture shocks and culture shioks.


Balle balle – Rackl does the bhangra!

30 10 2006

When? 28 October 2006, Where? Our new home, Shangri-la Hotel
What? The way the world moves session 2: Bhangra

The mission was to be able to dance just like those gorgeous hunks and sexy babes in the Hindi movies. Picturing various song scenes with Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in them, we thought we were prepared. Hey, how hard could it be to jump up and down, poke your fingers in the air and go round and round?

Really hard and exhausting! 😛
Thanks to our three amazing instructors Kasturi, Shevinder and Kanchana, we did pick up some pretty swifty moves including dear president Kim who showed us how to do the hip shaking ala robot style! ^_^

All in all, i think its safe to say that we rocked Shangri-la hotel (even to the point of transforming our little meeting room into a disco with dimmed lights and loud music!

Hosting Rtr Srinidhi

17 02 2005

Rtr Shrinidhi from RAC Thane City, India was down in Malaysia recently and Irfan & Kav got the opportunity to host him during his two days in KL. By the time he had gotten to KL, Shri was already well versed with the Malaysian lifestyle, having spent time in Malacca, Teluk Intan and Penang before making his way down to the heart of Malaysia 🙂

Shri has been nice enough to write about his awesome experience in our country and the sights and stuff he saw and did during his stay. Do check out his site at
Shri has also taken some amazing pictures worth the look see…