DISCOVER IRAN- 3rd Club Meeting

10 08 2013



                                        Due to many reasons, Iran has been appearing in the media on a regular basis recently. With human civilization and history stretching back at least 7000 years in the region, there is wide artistic, architectural and cultural treasures in Iran.The customs and traditions in Iran reflect the Islamic law and Persian heritage of the country. “Ta’rof” is the Persian or Farsi word for the strong sense of etiquette that the Iranian people have and that is put into practise in all situations where people are in contact with others. 

RACKL’s “Discover…” series is back and we started it by giving an overview of modern day Persia by a “princess” of Persia, Dr Pardis Karimialavijeh.

A truly engaging talk that left all of us wanting to know more about the beautiful country.




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