Family Day of Rumah Kebajikan Mary

24 11 2012

Rumah Kebajikan Mary  held a family day bazaar in order to raise funds for the home. Members and guest of RACKL we also given the opportunity to be a part of their annually held family day celebration. We provided assistance to the home by selling  coupon for the family day. This fair was held at an open space near the home.  Besides assisting in the ticket sales members went on the eve of the family day and helped in  the home in the setting up of  stalls.Despite having merely a few hours of sleep, members along with guests of RACKL gathered early the next morning and even handled a few stalls selling various items. There were various stalls set up on that day. It was  exciting to see the children from the home having loads of fun playing various games and also helping  in selling the many items.
The fair went on until evening.
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