Alternative Healing through Ayurveda

13 07 2009

When? 11 July 2009, Where? Shangri-la Hotel KL
Report by Professional Development Director David Lee

I have heard about alternative healing therapies before, but this is the first time I got to know about Ayurveda – that originates from India based on the teachings of wise sages thousands of years ago. The guest speaker, Dr S.K. Vats has very deep knowledge on this form of healing, something that can be noticed in the long list of high positions he has held from his CV.

According to Ayurveda principles, our body consists of 5 elements – fire, earth, air, water and space. So in order to have perfect health, we need to balance the energy of all five elements. If those elements in your body are not in balance, then many sorts of illnesses, discomfort etc will come to the body. Dr Vats also explained the process of treatment whereby the patient is first diagnosed, so that the trained doctor will know on what are the areas and lacking elements that needs to be healed. There are few methods in using Ayurveda to heal a person and Dr Vats explained these as well as easily answered the curious audience’s questions during the very good Q&A session. He also taught us to practice frequent deep breathing in the mornings and maintain a healthy lifestyle.