Term End Dinner

29 06 2009

When? 27 June 2009, Where? Farmland Steamboat Porridge Restaurant, Jalan Pudu

term end collaging
It sure was an interesting and fun fellowship dinner as we wrapped up the RY08/09 term – thanks to the good company, new friends (Rtrs Jana & Gus from Germany and Cameroon respectively), the unique food and even a surprise belated birthday celebration! Hey, i even learnt a new skill – how to poach an egg to perfection (thanks Rtn Gerald!).

Also, I would like to take opportunity to thank each and every one of our members, guests, alumni, project partner organisations and Rotarians for all your positive support. It has been a great adventure here at RACKL and I’m truly glad we managed to pull off such meaningful projects that contributed back towards our community. And, I know I’ve experienced heaps of new things in these last twelve months as a President and Rotaractor. Here’s looking forward to another fun term starting July 1st, under the guidance of incoming Prez Anu 🙂

Signing off,
President RY2008/09


Master Leadership

14 06 2009

When? 13 June 2009, Where? Shangri-la KL
Report by Rtr Nasarene Majeth

collaging 2

Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr. & Tun Dr Mahathir, to name a few, are examples of iconic leaders who brought historical changes to their respective nations.  The great leadership qualities displayed by them continues to inspire many people, both young and old. To help dissect the characteristics that define a great leader, RACKL invited Mr U2Kumar, a renowned professional development speaker, to give a talk on leadership on June 13th.

Audience were greeted by a fashionably dressed and outspoken Mr U2.  He jump-started the talk by engaging everyone in activities that serve to underscore the importance of team motivation. He proceeded to delineate the two main traits that good leaders often portray.  Firstly, good leaders are those who always function as coaches to motivate their teams to strive for the best and always ready to recognize contributions from other team mates.

Secondly, effective leaders never fail to play the role of facilitators.   As facilitators, leaders steer their teams to change for the better when encountering difficulties to achieve the desired results. The inability of teams to realize their respective objectives should not be classified as failures, which tend to discourage the team players. Rather, it should be viewed as wrong results that serve as drivers for teams to be more determined and strive harder to change their execution strategies.

Staying true to his quirky personality, Mr U2 concluded the leadership session in the most creative manner. Before ‘graduating’ from this short but effective course, all participants were required to sing one of Bryan Adam’s signature song, ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’.  Cheesy as it may seem, I’m sure the song struck a chord in many participants, including me. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be as motivated to share with you readers out there on the invaluable information that was acquired during the very entertaining talk.

RACKL Wins At District Awards

7 06 2009


We just got back from the District 3300 Awards Night where not only was the new District Rotaract Representative Amanda Lam installed, but also saw deserving Rotaract Clubs compete their best projects of this term (RY08/09) in 7 categories.

RAC Kuala Lumpur emerged winners in two – Best Community Service Project (for Project Gift A Kid) and Best Bulletin (that includes this blog!)… Congratulations and a job well done to all the club members, alumni and guests who were involved and provided support in the undertaking of all our projects and activities this term!

Also, congrats to the other clubs in the district for their amazing projects:
– Best Membership Development: RAC Klang
– Best International Service: RAC ATC for Model United Nations
– Best Professional Development: RAC Taylors Business School
– Best Rotaract Awareness: RAC Port Klang for Child Mortality Campaign
– Best Fellowship: RAC Pudu