KL Adventures with Yogya Trio

25 05 2009

When? 12 – 19 May 2009, Where? All over Kuala Lumpur!
Report by Rtr Anuradha Dhillon

RACKL played host to 3 rotaractors from Yogyakarta, Indonesia – Rtr Shintamie Suryaputri from RAC Mataram Jogjakarta, DRRE Budi Wibowo and PE Andi Fadhry from RAC Jogjakarta Malioboro. A few of us had already met them when they hosted us back in their country in March 2008 when we had a joint environmental project entitled “Green Today, Greener Tomorrow”.12-19 may 09 hosting yogya rtrs (2)

Day 1
President Kavita, Rtr David, Rtr Eleena and I decided to treat Rtr Shinta for Authenic South Indian food at Sri Pandi in Brickfields while waiting for the other 2 rotaractors to arrive at KL Sentral after their Air Asia flight from Yogyakarta. It was quite funny as they boarded the 9.30pm bus from LCCT but only arrived at 11.30pm (also caused us quite a panic because they were unreachable). A Kelisa may be a small car but it could fit 4 people including 3 people’s backpacks… amazing! Hunting the streets in Bukit Bintang for a place to stay in the middle of the night is not an easy task but eventually we found a temporary place called Comfort hotel and proceeded to makan makan in Jalan Alor…..

Day 2
The view from KLCC Sky Bridge is so amazing that it will take your breath away. You can see places that you never have ever thought or bothered to see. We cannot forget the cam-whoring in KLCC Park. Lunch was amazing as we dined in Shangri-la Hotel courtesy of our Sponsoring Club, The Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur DiRaja as we attended their club meeting.

Batu Caves was the next stop we decided to check out. The huge statue of Lord Murugan which measures 42.7m tall that guards the entrance to the caves can be seen from the Ulu Klang / Jalan Genting Klang Road. Very Important note, there are only 275 stairs to climb to reach the main temple and not 1000 (like Anu initially informed everyone). The beauty of the cave has no words to describe. Those who are afraid to visit the temple during Thaipusam, should visit it non festival period. More tourists can be seen compared to Malaysians during non festival times. Also beware of the monkeys there.

Of course you cannot visit Petaling Street aka Chintatown unless at night. That is exactly what we did. We went to town from Jelatek LRT Station to experience the train system and to avoid the KL’s famous rush hour jam. Central Market was the first stop as they wanted to buy some souvenirs. As we went to Chinatown, alumni Cheong decided to join us. Going to Chinatown after years and to see so many stalls arranged in a proper order is still something that shocks me. Felt like a country bumpkin after that.

We cannot forget Malaysia’s longest Pasar Malam in Taman Connought, which sells something called Mango Lolo (shaved ice topped with sago, biji selasih and yummy mango slices). Never have seen it anywhere else. Kavita seems to have fallen in love with it that she hunts for Mango Lolo wherever she goes now. Budi was also introduced to the unique concept of Lok-lok. We then travelled to Laundry in Bandar Utama and met IPP Neeraj and Rtn Yanzeer from RC Bukit Bintang for some drinks.

12-19 may 09 hosting yogya rtrs

Day 3
The plan was to go to Genting Highlands but due to unseen circumstances (Ed note: Like Anu oversleeping!), the plan was cancelled. We found ourselves in Megamall instead and since our guest wanted to watch a Malaysian movie, we watched a new English movie called SELL OUT! No review can prepare you for the storyline since no one seems to be able to understand the storyline or morale of the story.

Our next stop was Little India, walking along the streets and showing them part of our heritage. We ate Paper Thosai, tried Putu Mayam, Roti Canai and Teh Tarik. We then battled the Jalan Ampang rush hour traffic, which, they said, was just like being in crowded Jakarta.

We finally saw rain that evening, luckily we were safely boarded in my house for a quick rest before heading out to Heritage Row on a Thursday night. Rtr David and guest Tracy decided to join us at Mojo’s, we thought bar hopping would be good to try as well and hopped into the next door club called Bar Club.

12-19 may 09 hosting yogya rtrs (1)

Once we were tired, we headed back to Tropical guesthouse, a new lodging house the boys decided to stay in. Of course, staying in guesthouse would be incomplete if we didn’t mix with the other guests. Being a single story lot, it was easier to sit outside and mingle around.

Day 4 – Day 6
RAC Kota Melaka in D3310 took over hosting duties for the weekend as the Yogya Rotaractors headed to historical Malacca while we went to Camerons.

Day 7
We met up in KLCC once again for dinner, this time we were joined Rotaractors from Universiti Teknologi Petronas and PP Sanjeev Kumar from RAC Subang. Being a Monday night and very close to Avenue K, we decided to stop at Spring Bar to quench our thirst. Rtr. Naren decided to join us with his cousin, Krishna from Australia. Getting back to the carpark in KLCC was scary. We thought that my car was locked in since all doors were shut as it was past midnight when we decided to leave. Thank God for small blessing as there was an outer entrance to get into the carpark. The next morning, it was time to say good bye to our guests as they were leaving the next day to continue their journey to Thailand.


A trip to Cameron Highlands

18 05 2009

When? 16-17 May 2009, Where? The Chilly Climates of Cameron Highlands, Pahang
Report by Guest Renuka Muthusamy. Photos courtesy of Guest Nurain Harun.

cameron extra

I was invited to join the KL Rotaract members to Cameron Highlands for a weekend. Although I had agreed to join on the trip, I was a little apprehensive joining this group whom I’ve just met for a long road trip. On the said day, we met up at KL Sentral at about 7.30am, 7 of us got into two cars and started on our long journey. Along the way we stopped for a quick coffee break and continued our journey. We reached our destination at around 12.30pm.we headed to the Boh tea plantation for a short tour and a good cuppa except for Kuhan and myself, as we are coffee lovers. We then drove to our rented apartment Prima Villa for the night and we had a pleasant surprise as it turned out to be clean, cosy and comfortable. After a late lunch, the group then went gallivanting around Brinchang and Tanah Rata.  We drove to a strawberry self plucking farm, where most of us went crazy over the juicy, red strawberries. We stopped by the Tudor-styled Old Smokehouse Inn for a few memorable snapshots. An hour was spent roaming the Brinchang night market and some of us were feeling tired especially our reliable drivers. Since we were feeling stuffed with the late lunch and munching of snacks, we decided to skip dinner and stay indoors. We played UNO and watched some television before calling it a night.

Day two started off with Roti Canai and doughnuts courtesy off Kavita and Chelvi. After dillydallying an hour or so, we decided to check out off the apartment. We then headed towards the Brinchang Hindu temple followed by the Chinese temple for a short visit. Some of us did some last minute veggie shopping while the rest of just lazed around. We decided to have lunch in Simpang Pulai on our way down form the hills. We decided against the Lata Kinjang waterfalls due to bad weather.

After bidding farewell and exchanging Facebook addresses, we all headed home. My feelings off apprehension was uncalled for in the beginning, as it turned out to be an enjoyable trip with a group of new found friends.