Rediscovering Kuala Lumpur

11 04 2009

When? 11 April 2009, Where? Shangri-la > KLCC Twin Towers > Colonial KL area
Report by Rtr David Lee

cameron extra

We may live and work in the city of KL but not many of us really venture into areas which most foreign visitors and tourists to our city do! With this in mind, President Kavita came up with a fun challenge for us RACKL members and guests – rediscover our city’s roots ala The Amazing Race. Not only did we have to run around the old part of Kuala Lumpur to solve the mysterious clues she set and take pictures as proof, but we had to do it all taking…. Public transport!

Also joining us were two visiting Rotaractors from Bangladesh – Enamul and Raj who were game to tag along and coincidentally, the hunt was a good introduction to KL for them… hehe. Three groups of four took part and while it was quite simple (all you needed was a camera and some knowledge about the history and geography), it was challenging to finish it in time.

A couple of surprises were in store though – one, we were to look for answers in a museum near Dataran Merdeka but unfortunately, it was closed for renovation! Then, the weather took a turn for the worse and it started raining heavily so we had to abandon the hunt halfway.

All the groups gathered at the final checkpoint of Restaurant Jamek near the Masjid Jamek LRT station and the scores were tallied up. It was a close race between all three groups and we wrapped up with the obligatory prize giving and fellowship dinner.





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