Fun Games At Mage Cafe

20 03 2009

When? 20 March 2009, Where? Mage Cafe, SS2, Petaling Jaya
Report by Guest Yeh Vin

Untitled-1 copyDavid invited a few of us from the RYLA programme and RACKL to Mage Café, a place where you can play board games of many different types, many of which we haven’t heard of. It was a gathering for especially Wheshim, David, Rizwan and I as it was the our first meet up since being in a group in RYLA. I also get to know a few Rotaractors that were present that day.

As it is our first time at Mage Café, we decided to ask for the owner’s suggestion on the games to try, at the same time putting “Least brain usage” as part of our preference. Our first game was all about matching the cards we have with each other, it was a game that tested our awareness and some reflexes. Most of us clearly showed a lot of rust there. Then we tried the ‘Gift Trap’, an interesting game whereby each player has to choose a gift for each player and that gift has to be of their preference. It was a really fun and exciting game that tests how well we give and how much we receive. Anu became the ultimate giver and receiver that day. It’s certainly a Friday well spent.




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