Movie Outing: The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

28 02 2009

When?  28 February 2009, Where? Suria KLCC
Report by Rtr David Lee



After finish playing the IS Snake and Ladder game, we head down to KLCC for food and movie. We have our dinner at Suria KLCC’s Food Court, there’s plenty of food to choose from. Most of the people in the group ate Italian pasta, they might have same taste or same hobby, lol.

Later, the group split into two, one group went shopping to baby cloths for Anu’s colleague’s baby and another group went checking out the electronics products before we all headed to TGV for the movie.

We really enjoyed watching the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. And the girls in the group drool over Brad Pit youthful looks in the film…Lol. The main theme of the film is enjoy your life to fullest as life is short, never afraid of old age and cherish the friends and relative around you. The movie deserves to be nominated as the Best Pictures in Oscar with it’s funny wit and good storytelling plot. On the day after I finish watching the movie, I recommend the movie to friends and my family to watch it.




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