CSI Hunt

21 02 2009

When? 21 February 2009, Where? Flag-off at Global Indian School, Brickfields.
Report by Rtr David Lee


RAC Bangsar recently organized a charity event with support from Purple Ants (an event company who conducts treasure hunts) called the CSI Treasure Hunt. Five of us from RACKL woke up in the wee hours of a Saturday morning and signed up to take up the challenge; Anu, Kavita, Nas, Kuhan, and me. Since it was four to a group, my group is consists of Anu, Kavita, Nas and me while Kuhan teamed up with some of the Bangsar members.

Armed with brains, eyes and a little blue Perodua Kelisa, we started our little treasure hunt adventure. We really need to focus on the small clues on the shops’ signboards to answer the hunt tests. The crossword puzzle in the game is quite easy, the only challenge was to get the nearest internet access to look for the answers online which Kavita & Anu ended up doing at Starbucks Midvalley while Nas and me searched for the secret treasure items at the supermarket. We were the second group to finish the race! But unfortunately that’s not the main reason to win the race. Nas stayed back to check on how we did in our clue hunt. At the end, we didn’t even achieve overall top 10 but that’s ok as this is a charity event and we had a blast. Thumbs up to RAC Bangsar who took the initiative to organize this fun event.




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