Movie Outing: Underworld 3

23 01 2009

Report by Rtr David Lee

Rhona Mitra Underworld 3

Both Underworld 3 and Red Cliff 2 have been one of those highly anticipated film of year. That’s why I planned to watch Underworld 3 on the premier night. Our group split into 2, Alan(my brother), Anu, Anusha(Anu’s guest) and I (David) watched Underworld 3. While, Cheong watching Red Cliff 2 alone. All of us gather at McDonalds and chat before the movie starts. The dress code of the day is, for vampire fans you need to wear black clothing and for lycan fans you need to wear brown clothing. Anu and I wear black; we are vampire fans. My brother is a lycan fan but he wears black cause he doesn’t have brown clothing. Anusha is neutral and she wears red.

Underworld 3 tells the story the about crucial incident on when the war started between lycans and vampires. The story goes that a lycan named Lucion falls in loved with a vampire,Sonja. Eventually, she becomes pregnant of Lucion’s baby. Victor and other vampires become furious, as they don’t want to have a hybrid baby born with blood of both clans to be in the living world. So, they ordered a death execution on Sonja. Lucion failed to save her. Out of anger Lucion form a lycan troop and wage a war against Victor and his clan.

There are a few good fight scenes in the film. I like the plot a lot but I think vampire doesn’t stand a chance with the lycans in this film. As a result, the movie is bias towards lycans which makes the film lack of ‘balance of the force”. Unlike the previous Underworld series, the vampire has the some advantage towards the Lycans by using the gun’s firepower. But still all of us enjoy the movie, will there be Underworld 4? Nobody knows. If it does have one, RACKL will surely organize a movie outing on it.




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