Happy 2009 & A Trip to Kuala Selangor

12 01 2009


Happy New Year all!
The last month has been quite busy as we wrapped up 2008 with the holiday season and a number of community service events – notably the Red Ribbon Charity Walk and Project Gift A Kid.

January also marks RACKL’s Annual General Meeting on January 10th. As per the club’s tradition, all the members get together for an open session where we review the activities of the past 6 months and brainstorm on what we can do for the next half of the term. This time round, we decided to treat ourselves to a little weekend retreat at Kuala Selangor. Of course, once we got over the “serious” meeting part, it was time to party!

Highlights of the trip:
* A tesco shopping trip solely for the purpose of sustenance – junk food!
* Firefly boat ride at Bukit Belimbing
* A midnight game of Pictionary Mania! that led to some guy on guy action, acrobatic stunts, finger on back drawing and classic lines born out of frustration.
* Having silverleaf monkeys bravely tag along, scurry up shoulders and hang off the back of our shorts at Bukit Melawati (while freaking out a few other racklians who did not want to be near any of em)
* Lovely fresh seafood dinner and lunch – crabs, crabs and more shellfish!
* Filling up the cars on our way home at Pasir Penampang with all sorts of keropok.




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