Movie Outing: Bedtime Stories

7 01 2009

When?  7 January 2009, Where? Midvalley Megamall
Report by Rtr David Lee


As usual, we have our regular movie outing with our members and guests. But this time we have a new guest joining us, Eleena. Bedtime Stories is about a guy named Skeeter(Adam Sandler) who magically make the bedtime stories become real as he reads it to his 2 nieces at night.

Before watching the film, I have received mixed review about the film. One of them is from our RACKL’s president, Kavita who that said this movie is quite kiddy and suit for a family to watch it. And another from Kuhan who thinks is a great film and he watched it twice.

I plan to watch the film with RACKL members and guest just because of the fact that it’s Adam Sandler’s first time working with Disney. Its quite an ought combination, I just want to know whether Adam Sandler can ace this or not.

The film turns out to be very funny and quite entertaining. All of us enjoy the comedy and the plot of the film. At the end of film it hinted there will be a sequel to this film, I will be looking forward to that.




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