Movie Outing: The Spirit

27 12 2008

When? 27 December 2008, Where? GSC Midvalley
Report by Rtr David Lee

The Spirit

The movie we watched is The Spirit, the movie is based on the adaptation of a comic book by Will Eisner. The main reason we watched this film because of the director of the Frank Miller, who is famous for his writing work in Sin City and 300. The film is about a hero named The Spirit (who can’t be killed) trying to stop a mobster named Octopus from gaining the immortality and ultimate power.

But at the end of day, all of us were very disappointed of the film. I expected it to be as good as Sin City and 300. I personally think that this film is the worst film of the year, since we watched this film at the end of December 2008. There’s too much scenes on the film that doesn’t make sense. (Spoiler Alert) There’s one particular scene whereby a gypsy lady rescue The Spirit and later stab him with a sword with no reason, and then dancing and singing after doing that. After the movie, I warned my friends to not to watch this film.

So a lesson has been learn here, don’t expect much of movie direction from Frank Miller but try to gauge the quality film by his writing not his directing.




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