Shifting Gears: Driving success through effective self-management

23 11 2008

When? 22 November 2008, Where? Pahang Room, Shangri-la
Report by guest Eleena Chew


Have you ever noticed that your days seem to go by like a whirlwind? You move from one stressful workload to another without getting a break. Phew… Tell me about it!

PD Speaker Mr Kevin De Silva gave us clues on unlocking the secret to managing our time and self more effectively. Mr Silva who has a background in finance and was the head of Prospect & Research Division for an international bank, is also an energetic trainer with 10 years experience in the field.

Kevin said that we need to plan things that we do not like to do because usually we tend to do things that we like without any plan. Many people planned for the beginning and not planned for the end. He stressed the importance of writing things down, visualizing goals and reviewing the result of effort. This is because if our goals are not clear, we will drift.

Once we have set our goals, we need to take action to ensure we achieve our goals successfully. There are three secrets of success: being organized, having creative thinking and being self-motivated. To be organized, we need to keep doing things repeatedly to hone a skill. He gave us the example of a graph of scattered dots and asked us how many dots were there on the graph. None of us had the guess right. After that he showed us the dots arranged in five parcels each with five dots and asked us to give the number of dots again. This time some of us could get the number right. This showed how important being organized is in our daily life because being disorganized would seriously affect the perception of others on us. Creative thinking involves thinking how can we do things any differently and asking questions.

We had learnt several techniques in helping us to manage ourselves effectively. We can’t quite actually manage time because our time is limited to 24 hours a day. What we can do is to manage our activity more effectively. I find this talk quite interesting but it is always hard to put in practice, but I will try to improve myself. And I think the most important thing is to get rid of my bad habit of being late.

After the meeting, we had dinner at Food Republic at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. After that, we went for shopping.  It was a really pleasant night and I’m looking forward to the next meeting, which coincides with the Red Ribbon Charity Walk on Dec 6!




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