Career Development

9 11 2008

When? 8 November 2008, Where? Negeri Sembilan Room, Shangri-la Hotel.
Report by guest Eleena Chew

I was fascinated with the thought of learning from the talk about career development and decided to attend the club’s regular meeting.
We were first given a briefing by the President, Kavita and then the directors who talked about the community service activities which will be carried out by the club in the coming weeks. Most of us responded positively to the Red Ribbon Charity Walk which is held to support people affected by HIV/AIDS . We were encouraged to participate in the 3km marathon walk.  


After the briefing, the guest speaker of the day – Mr CK Yeap took over the wheel by prompting us to think about the purpose of work. Some of us said that we work for money sake, some of us said it is for job satisfaction sake. Some of us thought that a job could actually make us grow more mature and make us learn a lot of stuff. CK Yeap went on to talk about the importance of identifying our strengths at work. Our strength included skills and traits which gives us advantage over the others in doing a job. Skill is a task we did while trait is how well we did the task. Secondly, we need to have a sense of direction. In order to have a sense of direction, we need to know our interest (if money is not a main issue) and then set a mission or purpose, ie what kind of problems do we like to address in the community and workplace; we also need to set goals and set priorities among the goals. It is not sufficient to have merely dreams or goals, we need to take action. We need to think what kind of option we have, and identify the gap between our goals and the reality. We need to know the barriers obstructing us achieving our goals, and try to overcome it by making positive change and improving our skill or knowledge. Finally we need to review our result with our goal.
It was a very interactive session as the attendees shared their viewpoints. I learnt that people have different views on this topic.

After the talk, some of us stayed back to head to Times Square for dinner at Shi Tou Restaurant. The food was good but the sound from TV was too loud that it was a distraction to our chat over dinner. After having dinner, we watched the latest James Bond action flick “Quantum of Solace“.

I enjoyed the gathering and company of the Rotaractors very much and I look forward to the next gathering.




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