APRRC 2008 Bali

25 11 2008

When? 15-23 November 2008,  Where? The Island Paradise – Bali
Report by Rtr David Lee


Day One
I travelled to Bali together with President Rajendran from RAC Bangsar, May Ong from RAC Taiping, and PP Sanjeev Kumar from RAC Subang Jaya (Ed Note: RACKL’s IPP Neeraj also attended APRRC but was with a different group). We were hosted by Rtr Eni and her club, RAC Nusa Dua. At the Denpasar airport, we were welcomed by two Rotarators from RAC Nusa Dua; Mauritz and Dewa. We are stunned when we arrive our lodging place which turns to be a villa. The place has a swimming pool, a small hut in the garden, long resting chairs for suntan and most of the living quarters are in open air (the living room and the kitchen). We start of the trip to Ulu Watu to check out the beach, we missed the sunset view. There were plenty of monkeys over there, so watch out! They will snatch your items. We went to have some Indonesia cuisine for dinner at Dapur Alam. Then, we went to the monument of the Bali bombing victims. After that, we headed to Hark Rock Café to party!

Day Two
The following day we have the famous Babi Guling (roast pork) for lunch! Yum! Then, we went to the Bedugul, where there’s the lake temple. We have BBQ dinner on that night, and we exchange souvenirs and contacts at that time. On third day, we went to buy some souvenirs for our friends back in Malaysia. After that, we went to Kintamani Moutains to enjoy the mountain scenery. There, we were ambushed by the aggressive sales people that pushed us to buy their local products. So, next time you going there, try to be cautious. We stopped by at Pantai Lebih, where we saw small kids (age between 8-13) surfing on the sea waves. We also witness ceremony for god worshipping at the beach. There’s one thing you can’t not miss in Bali and that’s their Bali Massage. All of us were pampered by the Bali massage at Expression. These first 3 days we toured by the Rotaractors from RAC Nusa Dua. For the following days, we ventured around Bali on our own.

Day Three
We went to Kuta for shopping. Sanjeev and me bought some signature T-shirts from Hard Rock Hotel. On the evening, we went to Tanah Lot to catch the view of the Bali sunset view. The scenery there was stunning.  Then, we have dinner at the beach at Sea Side Café, which is quite an expensive experience. We wake up early the following day, so that we can register for APRRC at Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel in the morning. We proceed our tour to a coffee plantation, whereby we were sipping a few cups of hot coffee and hot chocolate while enjoy the nice greenery view of the plantation. The coffee plantation is famous for its Luwak Coffee, whereby the coffee beans are handpicked by an animal called Luwak. And caretaker will collect the coffee beans thru it’s dungs..Ewww. Later, we went to a Hindu Temple called Tirta Empul. We also witness god worshipping at that sacred place and took some pictures too. Next, we went to visit the magnificent stone carvings at Gunung Kawi. We have Nasi Padang( a Minang Kabau cuisine) at Natrabu as our dinner. Guess what?!…All our three Prime Ministers – Tun Mahathir, Abdullah Badawi and Najib have dine here before and stated the dishes here are excellent. There even have their reviews, signatures and photos frame on their wall. I highly recommend this place for the taste of Nasi Padang, the food there is very good. 

We check in to our APRRC lodging at the hotel. I’m sharing my room with Sanjeev and DRR Leik Hong. Then we accompany Leik Hong for his dinner at Restaurant Padang Sinar Baru. Later as we go back to our hotel, DRR Leik Hong found out that he lost his wallet. Luckly, we get in touch with the taxi driver from his own colleagues and collect back his wallet, which is on the passenger seat.


Day Four
APRRC starts off with the formality, welcoming speech, official launching of APRRC, Roll Call and national flags presentation. After that, we attend the leadership development talk conduct by two successful speakers. Next, we have the DRR from all of the Asia Pacific to present their culture exchange presentation to the crowd. In the afternoon, the participants opened booths to promote their culture and share to the people there according to their Rotaract Districts. One of the Taiwan district promotes Chinese calligraphy, whereby they translate people’s name to their Chinese characters. Another Taiwan districts display their Taiwan’s food and Chinese tea.  For our District 3300 booth, we only offer Rotapedia CDs. To spice things up, Sanjeev come out with an idea of playing Blackjack. The rule of the game is the people need to beat Sanjeev in Blackjack game in order to take on of the Rotapedia CDs. This attracts many people to visit our booth. The Rotaractors take the opportunity to exchange name cards and taking photos. And I’m having my jaw ache after a series of photo shoots. Most of us also exchange our souvenirs, I have a few interesting souvenirs myself; mobile chain, magnetic bookmark, congkak key chain and others.

At night, we have dinner with all the Rotaractors and enjoy the Indonesian Fashion catwalk. The committee has organized a series of catwalk showing the diversification of their Indonesian culture by displaying many local clothings from Sumatera, Bali, Java and others. At the end of the event, they also show Indonesian dance performances, which is very authentic and mesmerizing.  The night end with a fun game which is the Limbo. Both Sanjeev and Rajendran got their own partner to join in the Limbo game.

Day Five
On our second day of the conference, we attend a talk conducted by the Green School organisers. They talk about their green school project which is quite inspiring. The day followed by a series of workshops. I attend the workshops of Getting Rich With Rotaract conducted by Rotarion Gus and Change. What I learned from the first workshop is by gaining your social network, you can gain your luck. On the second workshop about Change, I learned that change is factor of your success, so we need to change constantly. While we having our dinner, the District culture presentation continues. And our own District 3300 DRR, Leik Hong is giving a presentation on our Malaysia culture. Later at night, people dressed up nicely on their own culture clothing. Again, the people take this chance to take group pictures with the ambassadors of their own culture. On the stage, there’s also dance performance done by Rotaractors grouped by their own District. Our District 3300 didn’t prepare any culture dance. But I very enjoy their performance and admire their effort to put a great show. The day ended with a game, the game rule is to mimic the dance move of the game master. Again, Sanjeev and Rajendran grabs a partner and join in the game.

Day Six
The following day, we start off we the formality in signing the agreement to pass the organization rights to the next District which is District 3310. Our own IPP Neeraj representing DRR Leik Hong for that ceremony. Then, the event followed by the closing ceremony and some Balinese dance performed by kids aged between 8-12. Later in the afternoon, the committee organized a releasing baby turtles event at the beach. This is my first time I saw live baby turtles, is quite a unique experience watching the baby turtles crawling to the sea.  At night, we have last dinner together as a whole while enjoying a singing performance. Then, the event follow by the announcement of the winners of District Culture performance (the Philippines won), overall group winner, Mr APRRC and Miss APRRC. Mr. APRRC is Jeremy from Australia and Miss APRRC is Nuk from Bangkok. We have all the reason to dance with some party songs at the hall and enjoy ourselves. The party doesn’t end there; we continue our party night at Blue Eyes Club with some Rtrs from Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia; Sanjeev, Rajendran and me joining the fun.

Day Seven
On our last day, we have lunch with the members of RAC Nusa Dua with Mauritz. Then, we have another Bali Massage before we go back to KL. We say our goodbye at Kuta, as we do some window-shopping there. Later, at the Denpasar Airport we have accidental meet up with the Rtrs from Australia; Jeremy and Kristine. As our flight time arrive we depart from Denpasar to Kuala Lumpur with the mind full of unforgettable memories.


Shifting Gears: Driving success through effective self-management

23 11 2008

When? 22 November 2008, Where? Pahang Room, Shangri-la
Report by guest Eleena Chew


Have you ever noticed that your days seem to go by like a whirlwind? You move from one stressful workload to another without getting a break. Phew… Tell me about it!

PD Speaker Mr Kevin De Silva gave us clues on unlocking the secret to managing our time and self more effectively. Mr Silva who has a background in finance and was the head of Prospect & Research Division for an international bank, is also an energetic trainer with 10 years experience in the field.

Kevin said that we need to plan things that we do not like to do because usually we tend to do things that we like without any plan. Many people planned for the beginning and not planned for the end. He stressed the importance of writing things down, visualizing goals and reviewing the result of effort. This is because if our goals are not clear, we will drift.

Once we have set our goals, we need to take action to ensure we achieve our goals successfully. There are three secrets of success: being organized, having creative thinking and being self-motivated. To be organized, we need to keep doing things repeatedly to hone a skill. He gave us the example of a graph of scattered dots and asked us how many dots were there on the graph. None of us had the guess right. After that he showed us the dots arranged in five parcels each with five dots and asked us to give the number of dots again. This time some of us could get the number right. This showed how important being organized is in our daily life because being disorganized would seriously affect the perception of others on us. Creative thinking involves thinking how can we do things any differently and asking questions.

We had learnt several techniques in helping us to manage ourselves effectively. We can’t quite actually manage time because our time is limited to 24 hours a day. What we can do is to manage our activity more effectively. I find this talk quite interesting but it is always hard to put in practice, but I will try to improve myself. And I think the most important thing is to get rid of my bad habit of being late.

After the meeting, we had dinner at Food Republic at Pavillion, Kuala Lumpur. After that, we went for shopping.  It was a really pleasant night and I’m looking forward to the next meeting, which coincides with the Red Ribbon Charity Walk on Dec 6!

RCKLD’s Charity Dinner

10 11 2008

When? 9 November 2008, Where? Mutiara Crowne Plaza

Rotary KL Charity Dinner_9nov
Our sponsoring Rotary Club Kuala Lumpur Diraja were kind enough to invite us to their Charity Dinner organised in aid of Pusat Kanak-Kanak Kurang Upaya Taman Megah. We were not only well entertained by our delightful Rotarians but also children singing Broadway musical hits, the inspiring kids from the home AND we were also left in stitches by the multi-talented and naughty Joanne Kam & Datuk Leonard Tan, who does a mean Elvis impersonation!

Also joining us at RCKLD’s Charity Dinner, although we were surprised how fresh he was considering he had just landed barely two hours prior, was Rotaractor Tim Nay from the Rotaract Club of Maui, Hawaii.

Career Development

9 11 2008

When? 8 November 2008, Where? Negeri Sembilan Room, Shangri-la Hotel.
Report by guest Eleena Chew

I was fascinated with the thought of learning from the talk about career development and decided to attend the club’s regular meeting.
We were first given a briefing by the President, Kavita and then the directors who talked about the community service activities which will be carried out by the club in the coming weeks. Most of us responded positively to the Red Ribbon Charity Walk which is held to support people affected by HIV/AIDS . We were encouraged to participate in the 3km marathon walk.  


After the briefing, the guest speaker of the day – Mr CK Yeap took over the wheel by prompting us to think about the purpose of work. Some of us said that we work for money sake, some of us said it is for job satisfaction sake. Some of us thought that a job could actually make us grow more mature and make us learn a lot of stuff. CK Yeap went on to talk about the importance of identifying our strengths at work. Our strength included skills and traits which gives us advantage over the others in doing a job. Skill is a task we did while trait is how well we did the task. Secondly, we need to have a sense of direction. In order to have a sense of direction, we need to know our interest (if money is not a main issue) and then set a mission or purpose, ie what kind of problems do we like to address in the community and workplace; we also need to set goals and set priorities among the goals. It is not sufficient to have merely dreams or goals, we need to take action. We need to think what kind of option we have, and identify the gap between our goals and the reality. We need to know the barriers obstructing us achieving our goals, and try to overcome it by making positive change and improving our skill or knowledge. Finally we need to review our result with our goal.
It was a very interactive session as the attendees shared their viewpoints. I learnt that people have different views on this topic.

After the talk, some of us stayed back to head to Times Square for dinner at Shi Tou Restaurant. The food was good but the sound from TV was too loud that it was a distraction to our chat over dinner. After having dinner, we watched the latest James Bond action flick “Quantum of Solace“.

I enjoyed the gathering and company of the Rotaractors very much and I look forward to the next gathering.