The Power Of Public Speaking

12 10 2008

When? 11 October 2008, Where? The usual hangout – Shangri-la KL

Being able to speak in public is important whether you’re a student (class presentations) or a career person (having to pitch to a client, do reports to your bosses). People like Barack Obama, Martin Luther King, Al Gore and yes, even our own Tun Mahathir, have shown how influential being a powerful and confident public speaker can be.


The first thing Mr Haridas shared with us was how far (all the way to Sri Lanka) training people on public speaking has taken him (and how much you can make from it!). Peppering his talk with funny anecdotes, he kept the audience captivated while sharing insightful tips and tricks to boost our confidence in speaking in front of a large audience.


Then, he swapped places with us by proposing a competition – the best team would get a prize. The chosen topic – Smoking. I guess the earlier part of the session was greatly helpful as everyone gamely took part to speak for, against or on the fence. The highlight was Naren trying to impersonate Rajnikanth’s infamous ciggie flip (albeit not too successfully) and Bonnie’s cool speech (in contrast with her actions – what a way to sell the point!).

At the end of the day, Mr Haridas and the other judge Mr Ravindran surprised us all by declaring everyone winners and donating the cash prize to our community service project.




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