Spanish hotness at La Bodega

12 10 2008

When?  11 October 2008, Where? La Bodega, Telawi Street Bangsar
Report by Rtr David Lee


The ad of celebration of Spain National Day at La Bodega caught our President Kavita’s eye. So, we decided to give restaurant a try. I got lucky to get the parking space at Telawi early and I’m the first one to arrive at La Bodega. After a few minutes, Kavita, Nas and Firas, a visiting Rotarian from Lebanon, arrived to the restaurant. This is my first time I dine in a Spanish restaurant. The famous Spanish appetizer; Tapas is a must have in our meal. We have our extrovert guy; Firas to entertain us with his life stories and his jokes (Ed Note: He was even teaching our shy boys on tips to pick up girls) while awaiting our meal to arrive.

Later in the evening the Spanish National Day celebration began with fire-eating man performance and Spanish dance. It’s an awesome experience to witness the fire-eating display as I can feel the heat from the fire from a distance. Meanwhile, Firas was making eye contact with two Philippines ladies beside our table. He took this chance to approach them and occupy the empty chair on their place for a chat. Oh yea! About the Spanish dishes at La Bodega, it’s satisfactory but mind you about the price tag on the meals.




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