Buka Puasa with the kids of Rumah Solehah

28 09 2008

When? 27 September 2008, Where? Rumah Solehah, Jalan Budiman 11, Taman Mulia.

In the spirit of Ramadhan (although none of our members or guests were muslim), we ventured out to spend some time with the kids of Rumah Solehah. Rumah Solehah is a home for HIV+ children and the 22 residents are aged between 2 – 13. Also joining us for the evening were the members of the UCSI Student Nurses Association.

Amidst playing some games like a Scavenger Hunt and Simon Says, we also tucked into the delicious food graciously sponsored by The Indian Hero Restaurant. Before leaving, the kids got a lot of sweet goodies and duit raya from us earning huge smiles on their faces as we waved goodbye.

More photos from the day here. Those who are interested in spending time with the kids (they are also looking for tutors) can contact caretaker Puan Wan at 03-91721533.


A Taste Of Salsa

15 09 2008

When? 13 September 2008, Where? Pahang Room, Shangri-la Hotel KL
There we were, a motley group of newbies, two left footers and the pro-but-i-won’t-admit-its getting a crash course in the sexy dance of salsa. Just when we thought we had become masters in ten minutes with the simple enough front back side to side mambo steps, our instructor for the day – Ms Jeamie Lee of Salsajay gamely threw in a few twirls and show-stopping drops. Jeamie also taught us that dances like salsa can show a lot about a person – if you can trust easily (esp for the girls) and if you can take/give control to someone else.

Visitor from Germany

10 09 2008

When? 9 September 2008, Where? Seri Kembangan Food Court

President Markus Unterstein from the Rotaract Club of Altotting, Germany, frequently travels to KL for business. But this was the first time he had managed to squeeze in some time to seek out fellow Rotaractors. As he was staying at the Palace of the Golden Horses, we headed down to nearby Seri Kembangan where he was pleasantly surprised by the wide variety of food available at the food court. Markus bravely took on a spicy bowl of curry mee and we shared Malaysia’s most famous appetizer – satay, amongst us.

Among the interesting topics we covered, the most intriguing was discovering from him that there is no speed limit on the Autobahn Highways in Germany and that owning BMWs is not that big of a luxury symbol over there as it is here. We also shared our respective club activities with each other.