Merdeka Eve BBQ

31 08 2008

When? 30 August 2008, Where? Sumitra’s House Taman Tun Dr Ismail
Report by Rtr David Lee

What were you doing on the Merdeka eve? Staying at home or squeezing with strangers at Merdeka Square? We RACKLians were having a barbecue party at our PD director Sumitra’s house for the celebration.

Incidentally, we also decided to have our Installation post-mortem meeting before the BBQ so we were all there early. Around 7pm, we finally wrapped up the meeting and get ready for the party.  Mei Han had brought an instant barbecue grill but despite using all sorts of Macgyver like strategies and several attempts, nothing was lighting it. Without hesitation, our Prez Kavita decided to dash to the nearby One Utama with Sumitra and buy a new grill set. What a brilliant idea! While waiting for it, the rest of us played Taboo with our guest Rotarian Firas from Lebanon.

With all the hustle and bustle (installed the new grill set, smashing charcoals, setting fire etc.), finally the grill was ready by 10pm! Special thanks also goes out to Rtrs Praveen and Rajen from RAC Bangsar who stopped by and were drafted to help out. Whilst the weather had also been a challenge with a sudden rain, it didn’t dampen our spirits. The chicken wings were a fave amongst all and got snatched within minutes. Not forgetting, we even managed to throw in a surprise birthday for our club secretary Mei Han. It was a fun outing and hopefully more acquaintance get-togethers can be planned as such in the futureIMG_0421_comp




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