Matter Over Mind

10 08 2008

When? 9 August 2008, Where? Shangri-la Hotel KL

It didn’t take long for us to warm our seats before club secretary Mei Han led the ice-breaking session and got us doing some exercise. Singing the scottish traditional ditty “My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean” (ed’s note: MH’s giant lyrics board got some attention on the street too when some tourist went “hey i know that tune” and started singing it!), we had to get up everytime we sang a word that started with a B. As the tempo got faster and faster, we realised one thing – there were waaaayyy too many Bs in this song!

Next up was our Professional Development speaker – Dr A.J.A Peter, who was here to share with us his theory “Matter Over Mind”. Dr Peter has close to 40 years of experience in the field of “mind training” (he is a certified Neuro Linguistic Programming and Silva Mind Control practitioner as well as holds a doctorate in psychorientolgy) so we were on the edge of our seats to hear what he had to say.

According to Dr. Peter, a lot of our behavior as an adult is inherently affected by how our parents treated us as babies. I.e if your parent keeps telling you “stop doing that” when as a baby you are trying to explore and climb stairs, you grow up with a fear of taking risks.  There was a lot more that certainly got us thinking on how we should raise our kids in the future too.




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