Movie Outing: The Dark Knight

17 07 2008

When? 17 July 2008, Where? Midvalley Megamall
Report by Rtr David Lee

We started our fellowship program by having a Japanese meal at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. As Club Service Director I had pre-empted everyone to wear black attire to match the movie theme – and then purposely showed up wearing grey!
new-joker-poster-for-the-dark-knightThe Dark Knight, for those who have been living on Mars, is a Batman film which created a lot of buzz because it’s the last film acted by the late Heath Ledger who reportedly went under one month of solitude to formulate the Joker’s character. His brilliant performance in the movie already has us betting on a post-humous Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Most of us enjoyed the film and labeled it as the best Batman flick ever. Although Mei Han who had never watched a single one before was left pretty clueless at the end of the film. We can’t wait for the next one – as its rumoured that Johnny Depp is starring as the Riddler.




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