Friendly Futsal Match with the Kids

13 07 2008

When? 12 July 2008, Where? SportsPlaza Futsal Court in Petaling Jaya
RACKL has kicked off to an exciting 2008/09 term ahead!

We brushed the dust off our sports gears and squared our shoulders as we faced the competition – Eleven kids aged 10-16 with the legs of steel from Rumah Ozanam. Thankfully after quick strategizing on our part (we would have been mercilessly creamed otherwise), they were game enough to accept mixed teams of RACKLians and kids.

After a quick warm-up and being divided into four teams, it was time for the matches. Having had much practise, it was obvious who controlled the ball as the kids took off like Speedy Gonzales tackling, passing and scoring goals at a blink of the eye. That’s not to say the RACKLians and our guests did not perform as we did (at least we think) some justice when the ball drifted our way. The spirit of sportsmanship was high in the air as everyone cheered at a good pass or goal and the team players were constantly changing when someone got too tired.

Two hours later, the final match was played and we adjourned to enjoy our potluck brunch made up of meehoon, nuggets, fried chicken, orange jelly and chocolate & orange cake. We decided that winners of the day were the kids and they deserved to be given both the first and second prize hampers. Each of the kids also received an exams stationery kit.

andy & cow

RACKL also welcomed our newest member – David Lee Wai Hoo, who was inducted in the middle of us wolfing down our meal… Not forgetting, a special shout out goes to our guests from RAC Bangsar as well as Andy Stoll – Rotary Peace Scholar and now, world traveler (check out his blog to read about his adventures across the globe) who joined in the fun with his equally world travelling cow.

More pictures from our futsal outing can be found at




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