Welcome to RY2008/09 & Hosting Shiksa

1 07 2008

When? 1 July 2008, Where? Jalan Alor Hawker Stalls & Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Report by Rtr David Lee
1july08 hosting shiksa frm mauritius

It’s a new term with a fresh new BOD and we’re ready to rock! 🙂 And the first “project” of the term – hosting visiting Rotaractor Shiksa from Mauritius.

Meeting up at Sungei Wang Plaza (albeit some logistical issues on the actual point), we took a walk to Jalan Alor for some authentic street food. Every Chinese restaurant we pass by there’s sure to be one or two people doing hard sell on their stall. Because none of us knew which is the best one, we chose a restaurant based purely on intuition.

Waiting for our meal, we covered a range of topics including Rotaract activities in our countries, culture and digging up juicy details about Shiksa (we discovered she had studied in KL while completing her degree). Suddenly, there was a familiar person sitting right beside Mei Han. After a few double takes, Mei Han got a surprise when it turned out that person was… our alumni Sri Ganesh who had secretly made a trip to Jalan Alor after a tip off from Prez Kavita. Once an active RACKLian, Ganesh had relocated to Dublin where he works for PriceWaterhouse Cooper.

Shiksa also shared her success story on raising a large sum of funds to promote AIDS awareness and also child abuse awareness in her country. She also welcomed us to visit her home country Mauritius and hold a joint Rotaract project there. Post-dinner, Naren suggested fellowship at Little Havana so that we could show off how us KLites groove. As we arrived though, we found out that the dance floor was closed. Rather than feel upset about it, we continued our chat with some booze.




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