RAC Bangsar’s Costume Installation

29 07 2008

When? 19 July 2008, Where? Bukit Jalil Golf Club


The start of a new RY term also sees many of our fellow Rotary and Rotaract clubs organising installation dinners in honour of their new Presidents and Board of Directors. One of the most memorable was the Rotaract Club of Bangsar’s Installation which had a costume theme – and boy, were the costumes really creative! With the usual witches and vampires to the more inspiring zombie nurse, overworked medical student, cowboy, commando and the fearsome “I came as myself”, we had tons of fun behind the masks! šŸ˜‰


40th Installation “The Swinging Sixties”

28 07 2008

Making it to our 40th Installation as an active club is certainly an achievement and we made sure it was going to be a celebration! Charter President (and now Rotarian) Tan Boon Leong who set up the club in 1969 gave us the privilege of being our Guest of Honour as well as several Past Presidents notably PP Nathan, PP Karthi, PP Sam, PP Hardeep and PP Sham.

The highlights of the evening? Yummy food and a sinfully delicious dessert bar, Twin Bob Marleys making an appearence, PP Sam Tan showing the younger guys how limbo rock skills and let’s not forget, there was even a measure of Backstreet Boys, Archies & Thriller thrown in!!! Most importantly though was the installation of President Kavita Sukanandan and her Board of Directors for the term 2008/09.

More photos of the evening’s proceedings and what we got up to are available at http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/rotaractkl/40thInstallationBanquet

Movie Outing: The Dark Knight

17 07 2008

When? 17 July 2008, Where? Midvalley Megamall
Report by Rtr David Lee

We started our fellowship program by having a Japanese meal at Sushi Zanmai, The Gardens. As Club Service Director I had pre-empted everyone to wear black attire to match the movie theme – and then purposely showed up wearing grey!
new-joker-poster-for-the-dark-knightThe Dark Knight, for those who have been living on Mars, is a Batman film which created a lot of buzz because it’s the last film acted by the late Heath Ledger who reportedly went under one month of solitude to formulate the Joker’s character. His brilliant performance in the movie already has us betting on a post-humous Oscar nomination for Best Supporting Actor.

Most of us enjoyed the film and labeled it as the best Batman flick ever. Although Mei Han who had never watched a single one before was left pretty clueless at the end of the film. We can’t wait for the next one – as its rumoured that Johnny Depp is starring as the Riddler.

Friendly Futsal Match with the Kids

13 07 2008

When? 12 July 2008, Where? SportsPlaza Futsal Court inĀ Petaling Jaya
RACKL has kicked off to an exciting 2008/09 term ahead!

We brushed the dust off our sports gears and squared our shoulders as we faced the competition – Eleven kids aged 10-16 with the legs of steel from Rumah Ozanam. Thankfully after quick strategizing on our part (we would have been mercilessly creamed otherwise), they were game enough to accept mixed teams of RACKLians and kids.

After a quick warm-up and being divided into four teams, it was time for the matches. Having had much practise, it was obvious who controlled the ball as the kids took off like Speedy Gonzales tackling, passing and scoring goals at a blink of the eye. That’s not to say the RACKLians and our guests did not perform as we did (at least we think) some justice when the ball drifted our way. The spirit of sportsmanship was high in the air as everyone cheered at a good pass or goal and the team players were constantly changing when someone got too tired.

Two hours later, the final match was played and we adjourned to enjoy our potluck brunch made up of meehoon, nuggets, fried chicken, orange jelly and chocolate & orange cake. We decided that winners of the day were the kids and they deserved to be given both the first and second prize hampers. Each of the kids also received an exams stationery kit.

andy & cow

RACKL also welcomed our newest member – David Lee Wai Hoo, who was inducted in the middle of us wolfing down our meal… Not forgetting, a special shout out goes to our guests from RAC Bangsar as well as Andy Stoll – Rotary Peace Scholar and now, world traveler (check out his blog www.noboundaries.org to read about his adventures across the globe) who joined in the fun with his equally world travelling cow.

More pictures fromĀ our futsal outingĀ can be found at http://picasaweb.google.com/rotaractkl/FutsalMatchWithKids

Welcome to RY2008/09 & Hosting Shiksa

1 07 2008

When? 1 July 2008, Where? Jalan Alor Hawker Stalls & Little Havana, Changkat Bukit Bintang
Report by Rtr David Lee
1july08 hosting shiksa frm mauritius

It’s a new term with a fresh new BOD and we’re ready to rock! šŸ™‚ And the first “project” of the term – hosting visiting Rotaractor Shiksa from Mauritius.

Meeting up at Sungei Wang Plaza (albeit some logistical issues on the actual point), we took a walk to Jalan Alor for some authentic street food. Every Chinese restaurant we pass by there’s sure to be one or two people doing hard sell on their stall. Because none of us knew which is the best one, we chose a restaurant based purely on intuition.

Waiting for our meal, we covered a range of topics including Rotaract activities in our countries, culture and digging up juicy details about Shiksa (we discovered she had studied in KL while completing her degree). Suddenly, there was a familiar person sitting right beside Mei Han. After a few double takes, Mei Han got a surprise when it turned out that person was… our alumni Sri Ganesh who had secretly made a trip to Jalan Alor after a tip off from Prez Kavita. Once an active RACKLian, Ganesh had relocated to Dublin where he works for PriceWaterhouse Cooper.

Shiksa also shared her success story on raising a large sum of funds to promote AIDS awareness and also child abuse awareness in her country. She also welcomed us to visit her home country Mauritius and hold a joint Rotaract project there. Post-dinner, Naren suggested fellowship at Little Havana so that we could show off how us KLites groove. As we arrived though, we found out that the dance floor was closed. Rather than feel upset about it, we continued our chat with some booze.