Visit to Jenjarom Old Folks Home

24 05 2008

When? 24 May 2008, Where? Rumah Sejahtera Jenjarom in Banting

The RACKLians hopped into our cars and ventured out of the city into the depths of Banting to visit the senior citizens of Jenjarom Old Folks Home. Although it was a bit crowded when we arrived (as the National Service Trainees were also doing their community service project there), we managed to sit down with a few of the grandpas and listen as they were more than willing to share about their life stories, the importance of marrying before its too late and being spiritual among other topics.

RACKL donated part of our portion of the proceeds from the Malaysian Charity Golf Carnival and also purchased sun-chairs and sundry items for the home. The caretake of the home then invited us to their community centre across the road for some tea and biscuits where we took the opportunity to have a quick meeting and formally welcome Christine Yeoh into the club.

Later, we adjourned in search of the famous seafood place (which we eventually found thanks to a kind uncle who actually hopped on his motorcycle and directed us to the doorstep) and had a yummy lunch by the river.




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