Positive Psychology

14 04 2008

When? 12 April 2008, Where? Shangri-la Hotel, KL

It was a full house today as we were joined by Interactors from Setapak High School and Sekolah Sri Garden. Dressed to the nines (well, in comparison with us rotaractors who were in our usual get-up of jeans and tees), these kids put aside their SPM, STPM and PMR exams stress to listen to the Professional Development talk of the day – “Positive Psychology”.

Speaker Dr Alvin Ng, a clinical psychologist by profession, not only left us with important lessons and tips to practise but also our sides aching from laughing so much at his antics and hilarious experiences.  If you ever meet him, get him to put on his Indian accent (grin). As he put it, his job is to help people understand how they work and how their thoughts affect the way they feel.

Here are some of the words of wisdom that he gleaned on us:

“You are a fort. Every time you scold yourself, you are removing a brick from this fort and get weaker. Build your fort around a strong foundation of self-esteem.”

“Everything happens for a reason.”

“Search for the positives. Write down something good or that you like about yourself everyday and whenever you are sad or upset, you can look back and realise all the good you have within you. ”

“Words to avoid: always, never, will, cannot”




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