Project Green Today, Greener Tomorrow

20 03 2008

What? Our International Community Service – Project Green Today, Greener Tomorrow  
When? 12 – 17 March 2008
Where? Yogyakarta, Indonesia

The Rotaract Club of Kuala Lumpur, the Rotaract Club of Malioboro, D3400 Indonesia and RAC Timog, D3780 Philippines is proud to collaborate on Project “GreenToday, Greener Tomorrow” making it a tri-district project to address the ever serious environmental issues on Global Warming.

Hopping on an AirAsia plane (where we had the opportunity to meet it’s CEO Tony Fernandez), we headed to Yogkarta, Indonesia on 12th March . If the date sounds familiar, it’s also coinciding with the 40th World Rotaract Week and we purposely fixed it so that we could celebrate WRW on a big scale doing something meaningful.

A joint meeting was held on 15th March 2008 between RACKL and the Rotary & Rotaract Clubs of Malioboro to celebrate World Rotaract Week as well as a meeting / fellowship with the Rotary Club of Taman Sari, D3400 Indonesia on 14th March 2008 where RACKL gave a talk / presentation at the Rotary Club of Taman Sari on “Why they should sponsor a Rotaract Club” in accordance with World Rotaract Week recognition criteria. Then it was time to get down to the gritty and plant some trees. A total of 160 Rotaractors, Rotarians, guests, volunteers & villagers participated in planting the various trees.

Although they were unable to join us, RAC Timog did the posters (which were distributed to all Rotaract and Rotary Club meetings we attend as well as posted at the locations where we planted the trees as it is our “Rotaract Forest”. On their part, RAC Timog conducted a Global Warming / environmental awareness seminar in Quezon City, Philippines involving several youth councils of their city.

Aside from that, RACKL also took the initiative to highlight this project on affiliate websites as stated below :-    
1) RACKL proudly became a part of the United Nations Environment Programme’s Billion Tree Campaign
2) 11th Hour Action – RACKL highlighted and promoted our project seeking for volunteers from all over the world to join us during the reforestation period
 3) Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur’s (DBKL) Jabatan Seni Taman & Kawalan Pembersihan Bandar – RACKL became members of our local municipal council’s “Rakan Taman” programme as volunteers and we will participate in any future programmes / activities organized by them on a “as need basis”




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8 12 2009
Rotaract Club of Denpasar Bali

Greeting from Rotaract Club of Denpasar Bali ^_^

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