Project SMART

28 01 2008

What? Project Smart launch and hosting of Hong Kong Rotaractors
When? 5 January 2008
Where? Ti-Ratana Children’s Home, Desa Petaling

Not wanting to end our involvement with the children of Ti-Ratana as we had built a strong bond with them (through our previous year long mentoring and yoga programmes), RACKL decided to explore and try something different. RACKL began Project “SMART”, a 4 months intense drama and literacy program for the children.

The launch was attended by President Attan Akmar of the Rotary Club of Kuala  Lumpur Diraja, our sponsor club and also more than 60 members, guests, Rotarians and visiting Rotaractors from the Hong Kong Baptist University and the Lingnan University, both in D3450 Hong Kong.

Classes are conducted every Saturdays from 10am – 11 am for children between the ages of 6 – 10 years old and from 11.30am – 12.30pm for children aged between 11 – 15 years old. Those interested to volunteer can get in touch with President Neeraj at 012-399 3314.


AGM and a night out at Imbi…

21 01 2008

AGM group photo

When? 19 January 2008
Where? AGM at Shangri-la KL & Dinner at Saigon Village, Jalan Imbi

It has been quite some time since we all hung out and had a side-splitting, roaring laughter filled good time. The day kicked off with us having (perhaps one of our least serious) Annual General Meeting for the term 2007/08. The Board of Directors presented reports on the last six month’s activities and the plans for the upcoming six months for the club to critically analyse and give constructive feedback on.

We later headed out for Vietnamese grub at Saigon Village in Jalan Imbi. Helped out by the friendly manager, we selected a scrumptious variety including dragonfruit juice, lemongrass chops, mango prawns, stuffed chicken wings, vietnamese style fish head, choy sam and vietnamese style spring rolls (which we all got to handmake ourselves!).  Juicy gossip flew across the table,  tips on putting NLP to use and stories on the consequences of truth & dare were among the topics. With such hot stuff to share, we adjourned in search of a dessert joint to continue our chat. This somehow lead us to the nearest Dominoes outlet where the seven of us shared (with forks) a tub of ice cream and swapped ghost stories!

Salsa Fiesta

16 01 2008

When? 12 January 2008, Where? Shangri-la KL, What? Salsa Fiesta

A perfect day out ! Thinks it’s impossible ?!? Well, you should have joined us for our sizzling “Salsa Fiesta”. Where else can you party with over 200 people and make instant friends (mainly pretty ladies) while having a nice meal with lost of variety and lose calories at the same time !

Jointly organised by RACKL & Salsajay Group, it was an evening full of fun, laughter and lots of dancing ! Held at our usual meeting venue, Shangri-La Hotel KL, guests started coming in as early as 6.30pm to change and get themselves familiarized with the dance floor.

Many guests came to enjoy the free trials for diverse Latin dance movements such as Salsa, Bachata & Rumba. A special belly dance performance was also featured during the event.

The Salsa lessons were conducted by Ms. Jeamie Lee, the founder of Salsajay (who also performed the sizzling hot number at our 39th Installation on 1st September 2007). President Neeraj did a short presentation on Rotaract and highlighted RACKL’s future projects and past accomplishments. Rotaract Logo’s and 3 very large picture frames and posters of RACKL’s Project SMART & the Malaysian Golf Carnival were displayed and copies of our souvenir programmes were distributed to guests present.

After 11pm, the crowd shifted to Salsa Havana in Federal Hotel to party the night away as we managed to tie-up with them to provide us with free entrance to their premises as their Manager, Mr. Martin was given a slot to promote their upcoming Malaysian Salsa Congress (MSC) which will be held in April. It was definitely a tiring night for those that lasted till the end !