Neuro Linguistic Programming

25 11 2007

When? 24 November 2007
Where? Pahang Room, Shangri-la Hotel KL
Report by Rtr Narendran Naidu

Neuro Linguistic Programming or short known as NLP, from what I have understand, revolves around your unconscious mind and conscious mind. Our unconscious mind surprisingly does inform lots of things about our character.
Neuro refers to the brain and neural network that feeds into the brain. Linguistics refer to the content, both verbal and non-verbal and Programming is the way the content or signal is manipulated to convert it into useful information.

I guess NLP actually studies the structure of how humans think and experience the world.Few of the NLP Representation System are as follows :-
Visual: ( Visual )
Auditory: ( Sound )
Kinesthetic ( touch )  During the talk, we actually ran through few exercises, conducted by the speaker, to know if we were a visual, auditory or kinesthetic type or person! Very interesting. 

We have even learnt that using NLP, one of it appliances is that we can apply it in our daily activities, such as body matching! ; how to match a person during a conversation using body language , for example, how close a business deal / or gain support from a conversation, by just using the body matching concept.