The mindset to success

10 06 2007

When? 9 June 2007, Where? Negeri Sembilan Room, Shangri-la Hotel KL.

Surprises were in store as some old friends joined us. Rotarian (yes, he has moved on to the “light” side) Steven Wong from RC Cyberjaya, our ex-guest and now Rotaractor Kevin Wong from the Rotaract Club of Westminister, rotaractors from Segi College, Pudu and Kelana Jaya and of course, the 5 visiting International Youth Exchange students who are based in Phillipines.


Speaker of the day was Ms Lennie Soo, a clinical hypnotherapist. Kicking off her session, she asked all of us our definition of “success”. Judging from the responses, it looks like we could all take part in the Ms World beauty pageant. According to Lennie, anything is achievable if our mind is set to it. Aha, here is the catch. We can say “I want to be rich” but if there is even a little nagging voice saying “yeh rite, how to get rich because I (insert excuse here)” then there is no possible way you can achieve it. You see, the way to overcome all obstacles is by making sure your concious mind, sub concious mind and semi concious mind are all focused on the same thing. This is what some people call the hypnotic state.

Lennie shared with us about her horrific accident in November 2006 where she broke her neck, flatlined and doctors told her she would never walk again. She challenged the doctor that she would stand the next day and proved this by focusing her mind. Lennie even showed us some demonstrations but the best one is when she demonstrated a hypnosis on two of our guests. First she asked them what they wanted the most. It was unbelievable and touching to see when IYE student Eric, who wanted to be at home the most, started to relive in his mind of being at home surrounded by his pet dogs, friends and family. He even started stroking his pet dog. Lennie proved to be a hit as after the session, many of us stayed back to get her to analyze us (which was spot on).

Later, we drove down to experience one of KL’s latest tourist attractions – the Eye of Malaysia.




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14 06 2007
Vincent Bong

hi.. I had came across this blog and is keen to join the rotaract club and may I know what are the requirements that i have to fulfill to become a member and is there are club which is nearer to Petaling jaya than rackl? Thanks

Vincent Bong

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