Yoga The Perfect Union

29 04 2007

img_4548.jpgWhen? 28 April 2007, Where? Negeri Sembilan Room, Shangri-la Hotel.

Many of us took the opportunity of the long weekend break (thanks to Wesak Day & Labour Day) to balik kampung or go on a holiday. For those of us who were stuck in KL, we chose another way to de-stress ~ by attending RACKL’s session on De-stressing with Yoga. Also joining us was International Youth Exchange student Johannes who hails from Germany.


Speaker for the day, yoga guru Norhafizah, shared with us many interesting stories, simple yoga practices and also dispelled many of the misconceptions surrounding yoga. Who knew there were that many types of yoga and each covered different aspects of a balanced life – body, mind, soul, emotion etc

Did you know that just by breathing you can improve your health immensely? Well, yeah, i know that we all breath without even having to make an effort but there is actually a proper way to breath. Breathing the proper way can help our body expel toxins too.

The way we sit and stand is also important. Norhafizah taught us how to do the “mountain” position which is basically to maintain a good posture when we sit and stand. Just by making sure our back is straight and we don’t slouch can make you appear slimmer too! There were also some simple moves she showed which we could utilize in the office.

Partner yoga was another that we found particularly good to do. As I was partnered with Norhafizah (being the only other girl present), I could surprisingly feel or sense the positive “energy” coming from her. While the session may not have totally de-stressed me, it did leave me feeling slightly energized and inspired to make certain changes in my lifestyle especially on my posture and diet.




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