Shoestring travelling & more

9 12 2006

When? 9 December 2006, Where? Shangri-la hotel
Report by Rtr Sri Ganesh

Dear friends,
Well, I am so delighted to let you guys know that RAC KL has come back to its glorious days in terms of fellowship. The last two meetings that we had, our fellowship ended at 4am… Well, this involved not only a substantial number of members but new guests as well! It is good as the relationship between members and guests is becoming stronger.

The evening started out with another exciting event from the Professional Development Avenue. The secrets of travelling on a shoe string budget. The cosy and warm atmosphere was further spiced up by the presence of our in-house noise maker Steven, the humorous Vijay and of course not to forget the naughty Ganesh *wink*…

With Vijay starting off the presentation with his secret formula of backpacking which caught everyone by surprise at the end of his presentation. It turns out the winning formula was so perfect that it ended up spelling his name. Isabelle spoke about her tour trip to New Zealand, Japan and Mauritius. Her experience especially eating tuna fish curry for breakfast, lunch and dinner was hilarious. Then Irene spoke about her local trip that can cost only less than RM300 especially nature trips. We learnt the importance of sarung and its multi-purpose use. Then finally Ganesh spoke about his home stay experience in Europe and the advantage of it especially in cost saving.

Fellowship dinner was at Wings Cafe where the specialty is Durian smoothies and Durian tarts.
Since the night was young and our club service director was back in her hometown, the two former clubservice took up the role informally and planned the rest of the night.

We managed to convince a few guests to pay a visit to the District Interact Conference held at
University Malaya. In 3 cars, we sent our contigent to support the district. After seeing all the interactors show off their group performances, and being Saturday night, we proceeded to Bangsar for mamak. Still energetic, we had a short clubbing session there before finally calling it a day at 2.30am.

After dropping off the girls (Ed: Yes, Ganesh is our ever caring drop-offer…hehehe), I finally reached home at 4am. Guess what, my mom opened the door for me… Looks like I am grounded for at least another two weeks until I manage to make it up with her. Sometimes the passion we have for Rotaract is so great that we sacrifice a lot for it and hope it will always stay that way in all times.




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