Balle balle – Rackl does the bhangra!

30 10 2006

When? 28 October 2006, Where? Our new home, Shangri-la Hotel
What? The way the world moves session 2: Bhangra

The mission was to be able to dance just like those gorgeous hunks and sexy babes in the Hindi movies. Picturing various song scenes with Shah Rukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Priyanka Chopra in them, we thought we were prepared. Hey, how hard could it be to jump up and down, poke your fingers in the air and go round and round?

Really hard and exhausting! 😛
Thanks to our three amazing instructors Kasturi, Shevinder and Kanchana, we did pick up some pretty swifty moves including dear president Kim who showed us how to do the hip shaking ala robot style! ^_^

All in all, i think its safe to say that we rocked Shangri-la hotel (even to the point of transforming our little meeting room into a disco with dimmed lights and loud music!




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