Buka puasa with the kids @ Rumah Solehah

15 10 2006

When? 15 October 2006, Where? Rumah Solehah, Bandar Tun Razak Cheras, What? Buka puasa tea (joint project with Institute of Engineers Malaysia)
Report by Kevin Wong

Our guest Kevin Wong relates his first experience at Rumah Solehah, a home for HIV+ children where we had a buka puasa-Hari Raya tea.
“The visit to Rumah Solehah is really an eye opening one for me. It’s my first experience to people living with HIV. Previously I have raised funds for AIDS and HIV causes. But until last Sunday, I have not personally met or touched anyone who is HIV+.

It was a very challenging and humbling experience. The children, most of them are barely 10 years old, but all have to suffer the infliction and stigma of AIDS. I am especially touched by the Home’s Administrator Puan Wan. She shared with us the challenges she faces as guardian for all of these children. We all can see and hear her struggles for raising more funds and support from the government and the public. Most importantly, she has fought and still does, for the equal rights and treatment for these “special” children especially in terms of equal education. She must have so much energy and compassion!

On an upbeat note, we all did have fun and lots of laughter with the children. Jennifer created a very fun game for the children to play and to win cute little toys! Overall, the community service outing ended with a positive note with exchanges of appreciation from both the home administrators and the RACKL-IEM team!

Hope the above gave you a small glimpse of all the fun and thrills we’ve been through last sunday!”




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