De Casino @ Shangri-la

13 10 2006

When? 14 October 2006, Where? Our new home at Shangri-la hotel
Report by Yap Mei HanYes, yes, yes!!! This is one of the much awaited programmes which we had planned to “warm” our new RACKL home.

Thanks to our generous and kind Rotary Club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja, we are now able to call the nice and cosy Negeri Sembilan room at Shangri-la hotel home every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month.

Although the weather was not very promising as it was pouring heavily and many of us walked in totally drenched, this did not stop the guests as we had a very good crowd of 20-ish members and guests.

Armed with a capital of RM20, we were drilled with 20 questions during the one hour “De Casino” session. Just like a casino, we had to make the decision on whether to take a risk and place a bet on one of the three color coded answers. It took a skill of Speed, Accuracy and Confidence (not to mention diving skills) as the bet baskets were placed in the centre of the room. Whoever is the fastest and has the correct answer wins all of the money placed in the basket.

There were a few Kodak moments especially the one when Ganesh was spotted practically flying across the room from his chair to the “betting arena” causing his shirt to be literally half removed and exposing his belly ):P
The fun session lasted for an hour with lots of laughter witnessed. Neeraj, the risk taker emerged as the winner with a grand total of RM265 (fake money which was later replaced with chocolates…) collected at the end of the game. Too bad, cos if not we would definitely have made him pay for dinner! 😉




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