Communication strategists

12 08 2006

When? 12 August 2006, Where? Rooftop, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang

It was indeed a long day for some of us. The day started with a photo session for our website, of which we got strict orders from our webmaster Wilson “Wear only Blue Jeans and a White Top ahh!!” Only the brave dared to disobey the words of wise Wilson, as most of us dressed as instructed. 🙂 A bunch of overly enthusiastic Rotaractors posing for the camera… I thought it was never gonna end!! But after posing for what seemed like a million different positions, we finally got done with our photo session. Althought it was hot, we had a good amount of fun.

Then we were down to some serious and possibly life altering strategies. Our topic for the day “Be a Communication Strategist”! One might wonder, “such an intense topic for a Saturday evening?” But our speaker, Mr Ng Thian Watt made it both an interactive and enjoyable session.

It was particularly fun to see Li Sun and Wilson say “I Love You” to each other. Who would have thought that Wilson would end up gaining huge cheers from the rest of us (I can’t begin to describe how Li Sun sounded… you just had to be there! Smirk!!) The lesson – Always be concious of your tone, your intonation… it makes a world of a difference.

Then of course, Mr Ng coached us through the ever famous communication technique : Match & Mirror. Well, the bottom line is communication is all about getting your message across, to afapt to the environment and to accomodate the various personalities and the behavior of those that surround us.




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