Anti Ageing

22 07 2006

When? 22 July 2006, Where? Holiday Villa KL
Report by Yap Mei Han

Anti-ageing. Ouch… this would be the last word I ever want to hear. As much as we all want to stay in our youthfulness forever, no one can deny ageing is part of our growing process. You may want to consider investing in a jar of La Mer that obviously will burn a hole in your pocket but what is anti-ageing all about without proper body food?

Eat your way to a healthier and hotter body. Choosing the right foods can help you burn kilojoules for longer. Thanks to Mr Joseph Christie who gave us an insightful talk on how to do this.

Mr Christie and his business partners of 4 when came fully charged to educate us RACKLians on how to revamp our food plan to support anti-ageing.

After listening to his talk, I seriously consider going on a detox. Protein as quoted by him, is one misunderstood kid. All over everywhere, people claim that it will make us fat and harm our body – and yet many high-protein foods are extremely low in saturated fat. Protein enriched foods also help keep us full longer, which helps curb savings and rev our metabolism.

So kick-start your metabolism! The following are proven to speed up metabolism and improve digestion.

* Milk, wholegrain, cereals, oats: Complex carbs and fiber pump up metabolism, helping the body to maintain steady insulin levels.
* Salmon, Tuna, Sardines : Omega 3 fatty acids in these fish affects the level of the hormone leptin, which in turn influences metabolism
* Green tea : Protects liver, lower blood sugar and boosts immunity

Say YES to :
1. Drink plenty of water
2. Do Something active every day, even if its only walking
3. Sleep well and exercise at least 3x a week
4. Be positive, cheerful and maintain a great smile a whole day long
5. Join clubs that promote friendship such as RACKL! 🙂

Say NO to:
1. Caffeine and alcohol. Bad! Bad! Bad!
2. Nasi lemak, pisang goreng and roti canai for breakfast. High cholosterol…
3. Refined sugars found in cakes, pastry and biscuits
4. Saturated fats, found in fast food
5. Late nights which contribute to eye bags and dry skin
6. Anger, hatred and greed

Be happy and enjoy your life to the fullest!




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