World Cup Fiesta & Farewell

10 07 2006

What? 1st meeting & Fellowship of 06/07, When? 8 July 2006, Where? Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang & Fellowship at Pizza Hut Ampang Park.
Report by Sri Ganesh

Dear Friends,
Just wanted to share our last weekend meeting & 1st fellowship for the term picture for those esp who could not make it. Although there was no formal programme, we were introduced to the International Service Avenue’s theme-of-the-day which was World Cup Fiesta. Everyone was asked to come dressed in their favorite team’s colors and the walls were plastered with various info on the two finalists – Italy & France.

The fellowship too carried this theme as we went Italian (Ed: err, well we couldn’t find a place that served French Fries & Pizza so we had to choose lah!). It was fun as it has been ages that we ate pizza or maybe i missed it before. Our 1st fellowship got a good turnout, 16 members and guests, (not bad Xinni esp in your first fellowship).

The fellowship turn out to be a blast as we celebrated two events which is our July babies and Venga Boy’s farewell. Our July babies was no other than our oldest but sexy queen Fam Li Sun (oops ), and our Macho President Kim Kek Seong. How sweet that our very own birthday boy bought his own cake but was too excited until he forget to pack the canddles.. But, nevertherless, wit his brilliant creativity, he cut the cake using his mouth… I wonder who later actually cut up the cake into pieces 🙂 Hmm…

As KL culture to cut cost in everything we do, we in the spirit of nature, recycle the cake to celebrate Venga Boy’s farewell. (One done, 2 more farewell to go, maybe 3 ). As usual, wit his usual humour, he thanked the members and guest of the club and wish to keep in touch wit all of them. Pres Kim represented the club to handover a small token of appreciation by the club to him which is a card with all the messages from the members as well as a few pictures of events that he attended during his tenure as a guest of RACKL. Definitely we are going to miss a young, talented, motivated, jovial and a good friend.

Our fellowship continued as some of us ‘flew’ to KLCC to catch Superman Returns… All in all, it was a great start to a new term. Looking forward for more exciting and happening event…




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