Zoom in on the world

28 05 2006

When? 27 May 2006, Where? The much bigger Upper Deck 2 Holiday Villa

On the top of the agenda, was the induction of our second member this term, our very own truly Bollywood dude – Amit Gupta!

Experiencing the sights, sounds, tastes and culture of 3 countries without even leaving your seat? Well, that was exactly what happened on 27th May 2006 as RACKLians were transformed into the Jamaicans, Mexicans and Koreans.

First up was the Mexicans (Zorro Neeraj & his 3 senoritas – Kavita, Shreen, Kala) who seduced the crowd with their swaying hips, delicious nachos & salsa dip and catchy theme song all presented Broadway Style. They even got everyone standing and learning the basic steps of the salsa dance!

Then, the Koreans (Korean pop sensations Wilson and Steven with their leading ladies Mei Han & Irene) took us to Winter Wonderland as they gave a very impressive presentation show complete with snow and Kimchi!

The Jamaicans who came in next, although not very sober, gave an informative power point talk on Jamaica covering absolutely everything you need to know. And then came their secret weapon, Johnny cakes, banana fritters and rum all served with a helping of reggae and Bob Marley.

The fates of these three teams rested in the hands or should I say votes of the audience. As everyone rushed to paste their vote cards on the team (each represented by a guy as we girls didn’t want any groping from behind… hehehe…), all we could do was try our best to swing the votes by giving them the stare and grin. In the end, the Mexicans captured the hearts of the audience and walked home with the prizes!

Fellowship: Vietnamese Dinner @ Saigon Village, Jalan Imbi.

To cap off a truly international day, it was only fitting that we “visit” another country to fill our grumbling stomachs. The owner of Saigon Village must have been so excited – firstly because of such a large crowd that they had to strategically rearrange their table and secondly because he found someone to converse in German with, thanks to our guest Andreas who came all the way from Berlin. Starting from the interesting Vietnamese rice wraps (that comes on this huge platter with all sorts of condiments) to the dry rice vermicelli, lemongrass chicken rice and vietnam fried rice and dragonfruit juice (actually they all had unpronouncable, untypeable vietnamese names hehehe), everything was just delicious (especially with extra heapings of the spicy hot chilli paste)… And yes, if you’re wondering, as usual, in true RACKL style, our goodbyes at the door took as long as it usually does! 🙂




One response

5 06 2006

Knew why Mexico team have high chance of emerging as the winner. Look at the picture again .. the whole team is .. all ladies! 😉

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