Your destiny is in the planets and stars…

14 05 2006

When? 13 May 2006, Where? Upper Deck, Holiday Villa, What? Astrology & Your destiny talk by Mr Suresh
Report by guest Venkates Rao

Take a moment to wonder the past events that took place in your life and try predicting the upcoming events in the coming future, will you be able to do this?

Here comes Astrology which is a natural cosmic science based on real astronomy to predict your future events, provide life reading cointanning issues of a person’s personal life, determine which stars are affecting one’s life, to provide remedy for your problems and many more in your life cycle. This is important in our life where it will enable us to face the future in a better way, evading any missfortunes or obstacles that might be laid down in your path to success and this could be also your guideline in decision makings. The positions of the planets may show a person’s behaviour either good or bad and it could even show the energy level or a person which may decribe or identify their charateristics.

Astrology was explained in detail by Mr.Suresh a professional astrologer from India in our earlier meeting.

Astrology readings also includes sub-systems of interpretation and prediction incorporating unique sacralized elements not found elsewhere, such as its specific system of lunar mansions(nakshatras). This is used to pick auspicious times of day or month for every human activity as well as to provide insight into the motivations and guiding characteristics of humans and events coming under their influence.

Another unique concept being used here is the the concept of dashas which analyses mathematically that breaks down human or the subject’s lifetime into various sub-periods based on the location of Moon at birth.

Astrology also provides detailed guidance as to which activity fructify on specific weekdays where its given due importance in selection as the desired work which easily gets fructified when its day lord is strong, the same work does not get fructified when day lord is weak / powerless. Besides that, color of the work also consistent with the colour of the ruling planet of the day, it is beneficial to conduct work with that colour on the weekday ruled by the planet.

This was an interesting topic but we may need to know or understand from the very begining process in order to believe in this natural cosmic science.

Fellowship: Steamboat dinner @ Stadium Negara Restaurant
Of course, after such a stimulating talk about the planets and the stars and our destiny, we just had to go somewhere to do some star gazing. The choice of open air steamboat was just perfect! With scrumptious ingredients being dipped into the clear chicken soup and spicy tomyam soup which was held on the charcoal pot (which scarily looked like it was about to topple over at any minute), we also enjoyed interesting conversation on everything from the toilet conditions in Malaysia to the latest horror tv shows and movies hitting the screen.




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