Wow em with your image!

9 04 2006

When? 8th April 2006, Where? Holiday Villa lah, What? Image maker & etiquette talk by Devanish Varan. Followed by fellowship Indian dinner @ Shreen’s house!

You can never win the world if no one knows you’re there!”

The first four minutes you meet a person, is the thing that sticks in their minds forever. Did you know that first impressions are made out of 55% appearence, 38% body language and only 7% of what you say? That is why, most people usually fail to recall the names of people they have met the first time in a crowd setting… because they are checking out everything from head to toe. People tend to perceive what your body speaks for itself and not so much on the words that come out of your mouth.

Devanish gave an insightful and hilarious (because her examples were just so real life based, all the no-nos that even we tend to do) talk which gave both the guys and girls a lot of tips and ways in changing how we portray our image. According to her, there are 3 types of image – public image, self image and projected image. To create a winning image, which is a combo of all 3, requires you to understand your goal, the situation and the other’s self-esteem.

Even the way you gaze (the business gaze is when you gaze no lower than the nose & the social gaze is when you gaze at the eyes, nose and mouth bcos this sends a warm message) is important.

In terms of dressing, Devanish said that it is vital you have a full-length mirror in your home so that you can take note of how your entire assembly of clothes/accessories goes well together. Don’t be one of those people who check themselves out only when they pass the glass windows on buildings! For the guys, white socks and black shoes is a BIG NO-NO! For the ladies, in a professional environment, it is always more appropriate to wear covered shoes and not those open toed sandals. Ladies should also note the rule of not wearing more than 5 pieces of jewellery. And you should always take note of the CUT, CLOTH & COLOR when deciding on what to buy/wear. For professionals, choosing versatile neutral colors will take you far.

After that stimulating talk which also included some parts on table manners and dining etiquette, we adjourned on to our newest member Shreen’s house where her mom had cooked up a scrumptious feast of Indian food (very reminiscent of deepavali lunch/dinner complete with mutton varuval… yummy!) and it was topped off with dessert of sinful chocolate & vanilla icecream drenched in tons of chocolate syrup! We were also very entertained by Premila’s antics when Shreen’s “most sociable cat” Smee made his few appearence rounds. Haha…




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