The new PR man in town

24 04 2006

A big congratulations to our very own club service director & recent GSE dude NEERAJ CHHABRA on his induction as the District 3300 PR & Promo Director 2006/07!!!

Also on the newly inducted District Board for 06/07 are:
DRR Chandrasegaran (RAC Bangsar)
District Secretary – PE Sunil (UTP)
Asst District Secretary – President Su Anne (Melawati)
District Treasurer – PE Boon (Kelana Jaya)
Membership Development Director – PP Ravinder (Damansara)
International Service Director – President Harley (Subang)
District Bulletin Editor – President Avinder (Bernam Valley)
Zone 1&4 rep – PP Sanjeev (UTP)
Zone 2 rep – President Joel Lee (Kajang)
Zone 3 rep – PE Kevitpal (Gombak)
IPDRR Jamie Tan (Gombak)
DRRE Dinesh Krishnan (Gombak)

They will be taking over the district office on July 1, 2006 guided by the theme “Lead The Way”


They sent us down to morib…

23 04 2006
When? 21-23 April 2006, Where? Hotel Impian Morib, Banting. What? District Rotaract Assembly 2006.

Day One…
Being the only two to actually take part in all three days of the DRA, Jenn and I (Kavita lah!) boarded the bus early Friday afternoon at KL Sentral. After the 1 hour journey (along the way we realized that there was some mention of Banting in the history text book and confirmed it with the road sign which pointed a direction of “tempat bersejarah”. Yet, as of the time of publication, both still have no idea what historical thing actually happened. 😛), anyways as soon as we reached the hotel and registered, the first thing we did was dump our bags (in our beautiful pool side view pool- so close that you can actually climb out of the window and jump into the pool) we practically ran to find the beach… Only to discover that there was no beach – only a swamp filled with mudskippers and the sea about five metres unreachable bcos of all the mud…
Later that night, it was time for the first event of the programme – the Welcome Dinner. We waited and waited for the KL gang who were supposed to attend the dinner to arrive. Especially at the time when the roll call was about to be read and the KL table was only 20% filled. Turns out they were lost and going round and round in Banting town, arriving just in time for the food to be served (lucky, didnt have to hear all the long speeches 😛). The dinner was emceed by PP Ravi from RAC Damansara, who was hilarious and made a formal dinner less formal with his off the cuff jokes and expressions… At the end of the night, the most dreaded announcement was made though “All participants will receive a wake up call at 5.30am for an exercise session at 6.00am”. At about this time, the guys who were going back gleefully had to rub in the fact that they were going to be lounging in their warm beds back in KL at that time.

Us with DRRE Chandra, DGE Jimmy Lim, & DRC Arthur
Day Two…
Could not sleep. Maybe it was the fact that our windows were not so sound proof and every freaking sound in the next room and from the people in the pool (who were there making tons of noise playing “monkey” with a slipper until the early hours of the morning… grrr!). Just as we were about to finally fall asleep, the wake up call patrol comes knocking. Luckily, even in my zombie state, I managed to catch a sight of the camera in his hand and not fall for the “why don’t you open the door wider and on the light” line! Morning exercise was basically not so bad lah. DRRE Chandra of RAC Bangsar led the session of light exercise where we had to do some streching and run two rounds around the pool. Most people looked (and like me, they probably did) like they had just crawled straight out of bed. After a quick breakfast, so we could get in another half an hour of sleep, it was time for the Plenary Sessions to begin. Session one was “where to go from Rotaract”. Blaming it on the lack of sleep, my mind did not register much of what PDG Paul said although some of his jokes that I did managed to catch were pretty funny.
After that, we were broken up into our respective avenues for the Group Discussion Sessions. Have to mention that the change in the training method this year made a difference and at least we had fruitful, brainstorming discussions with other club representatives on projects and what we can do in our avenues. Although, the case studies used could still be improved in my opinion, as they were too typical and didnt require much out of the box thinking. A quick tea break, we adjourned off to some pool games which turned into “throw as many people into the pool” where the main throwers were Rtr Crawford of Gombak and Rtr Adrian of Melawati holding the highest record. Also, a game of water volley ball was played.

The DRR’s banquet was held at the night. Special guests included our good friends from Kota Melaka (Dist 3310) Rtr Dharma and Rtr Pearly as well as Rotarians. Also in attendance from RACKL was Ganesh, Veni and Irfan who was back from Australia on a short break. OC Sunil of RAC UTP started off the evening with an interesting speech – it started off with a malay pantun, a whole session on thanking his parents and presenting them with bouquet on stage and then capped off with a rendition of “I Believe I Can Fly”. Definitely an out of the ordinary Organising Chairperson speech. DRRE Chandra was installed and then he installed his board. There was some lamely funny monster-hero-damsel in distress entertainment. And of course the much anticipated lucky draw and raffle draw (bcos the prize was two bottles of Jack Daniels). The dance floor was opened up at the end of the night where most of the “young uns” danced away to R&B indian beats (think Jay Sean).

Day Three…
Actually this is a continuation of day two, because it happened after midnight into the wee hours of the morning. A quick change into more comfortable clothes and everyone gathered at the pool to enjoy a few drinks and conversation. A special birthday celebration was also planned for IPDRR Brahma. This included 5 renditions of happy birthday and cake cutting, because the people who missed the last rendition demanded another! The throwing people into the pool session continued only this time all the guys were the targets. And I say all because not one guy who was left standing next to the pool area dry. This included Brahma and of course Ganesh who slightly more special because he was actually stripped down and thrown in.

After such a long night, we slept in and skipped the morning breakfast and session. Actually, I think most people did because crawling out of bed at 10.00am, I noticed many others doing the same… hehehe… Scheduled for the morning was the last plenary session – a forum on Rotary & Rotaract Under the microscope. This was followed by the Closing Ceremony where everyone was presented with certificates and the closing address was given by Guest of Honor DGE Dato’ Jimmy Lim. After lunch, we said our sad goodbyes to each other, glad to have made new acquaintances and hopefully foster closer rotaract relationships with other clubs.

Wow em with your image!

9 04 2006

When? 8th April 2006, Where? Holiday Villa lah, What? Image maker & etiquette talk by Devanish Varan. Followed by fellowship Indian dinner @ Shreen’s house!

You can never win the world if no one knows you’re there!”

The first four minutes you meet a person, is the thing that sticks in their minds forever. Did you know that first impressions are made out of 55% appearence, 38% body language and only 7% of what you say? That is why, most people usually fail to recall the names of people they have met the first time in a crowd setting… because they are checking out everything from head to toe. People tend to perceive what your body speaks for itself and not so much on the words that come out of your mouth.

Devanish gave an insightful and hilarious (because her examples were just so real life based, all the no-nos that even we tend to do) talk which gave both the guys and girls a lot of tips and ways in changing how we portray our image. According to her, there are 3 types of image – public image, self image and projected image. To create a winning image, which is a combo of all 3, requires you to understand your goal, the situation and the other’s self-esteem.

Even the way you gaze (the business gaze is when you gaze no lower than the nose & the social gaze is when you gaze at the eyes, nose and mouth bcos this sends a warm message) is important.

In terms of dressing, Devanish said that it is vital you have a full-length mirror in your home so that you can take note of how your entire assembly of clothes/accessories goes well together. Don’t be one of those people who check themselves out only when they pass the glass windows on buildings! For the guys, white socks and black shoes is a BIG NO-NO! For the ladies, in a professional environment, it is always more appropriate to wear covered shoes and not those open toed sandals. Ladies should also note the rule of not wearing more than 5 pieces of jewellery. And you should always take note of the CUT, CLOTH & COLOR when deciding on what to buy/wear. For professionals, choosing versatile neutral colors will take you far.

After that stimulating talk which also included some parts on table manners and dining etiquette, we adjourned on to our newest member Shreen’s house where her mom had cooked up a scrumptious feast of Indian food (very reminiscent of deepavali lunch/dinner complete with mutton varuval… yummy!) and it was topped off with dessert of sinful chocolate & vanilla icecream drenched in tons of chocolate syrup! We were also very entertained by Premila’s antics when Shreen’s “most sociable cat” Smee made his few appearence rounds. Haha…