Some mouth to mouth action ;)

27 03 2006
When? 25 March 2006
What? Basic CPR training followed by pizza fellowship at the Wong’s

The highlights:-
* Many new faces in the crowd and also the reappearence of some ol friends…
* Hosting of swiss rotaractor Michael who did an impromptu rendition of a swiss folk song complete with yodelling and of course, he was wise enough to bring swiss chocolates which made him an instant hit with the ladies!
* Learning the basic skills that would definitely come in handy in an emergency life & death situation – Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).
* After giving mouth-to-mouth to Little Anne (altho, I doubt my anne survived cos I ain’t that good at blowing… wink… hehehe), it was off to USJ 13 for a double celebration – the first month anniversary of our club’s newlyweds Steven & Irene and Steven’s birthday. More mouth action continued as Crazy Karaoke tried to make a comeback… altho it was quite shortlived.

But the photos speak a thousand more words, which at the moment I am a little too lazy to write… haha, so do check them out at under the Basic CPR album…




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