The Story of the Rotary Luncheon

26 03 2006

When? 22 March 2006, Where? Shangri-la hotel, Jalan Sultan Ismail KL. What? Mei Han’s RYLA presentation at Rotary KL Diraja Luncheon.
Based on the emails of Premila & Mei Han…

Version 1 – Premila’s Story

I just came back from Shangri La down the road. Followed MH for her RYLA presentation in rotary luncheon. Got some interesting news to share with you all and I better do before I run for my meeting.
First we had a blunder coz her pen drive cannot be read by my laptop so have to go around settling that problem. Then we were the only women in the room so we were kept on called as the CHARMING LADIES 😉 Anyway MH did an excellent job on the stage, throughout her presentation.The Rotarians were very really impressed with her presentation and keep on praising her non stop (jealous hui). I am not telling this coz I got free lunch in Shang today or coz MH is my fren but this is how they actually behaved.She was kept on complaining to me that she is takut la, scared la this la ,blab la bla la, but when she was on the stage like expert you know. Going on with her story about RYLA…. They even ask us to demo the Bush dance. Of course we didn’t do it coz we had the video clip to save ourselves.
They also suggested for MH to be in the next RYLA committee under Dato Jimmy. She really impressed them with her presentation skill.Looks like we are building a good repo with the Rotarian after ILTS, dinner in Maju palace and after today.They gave MH a chocolote cake worth RM100 as the gift since no birthday boythat month.Sadly for me, my own identity is lost whenever I meet the Rotarian. I am Shamini for them. Don’t know how come the short hair Sham can become the longhair Sham so fast.I have given up telling them my name is Premila so guys for you info I am the President for RACKL for Rotarian eyes. He He He!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(Tumpang nama) Sham, no offence 😉

Version 2 – Mei Han’s story

Hmmm…. Please disregard the announcement from our non-certified reporter.This is the actual facts …..
It was indeed a disaster today with the pen drive. It can’t fit intoPrem’s laptop hence we were seen walking around the hotel lobby with herlaptop. So we went up to the business unit and they helped to transfer the file back to Prem’s C drive. Phew!! Relief…….
Then we got back to the meeting room where our “long hair president” was warmly greeted by the Rotarians. So I went up to take over the stage with my talk and eeee, orrrr all the way till the end. I even mixed up the words around. Low ropes become high ropes, singular read as plurar, she became him and all terbalik……. Sudah sweat already that time!! But as you know, our rotarians memang very kind meh, so all come and gave words of encourgement to me.
Yup, yup I took back the nice chocolate cake. Wish we could share with youall ):P




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