Gushing water, deep caves … what a great day!

5 03 2006

What? Extreme getaway (White water rafting, flying fox, caving, hot springs), When? 4 March 2006, Where? Sungai Kampar
Story by Musharraf

This story is dedicated to all our beloved friends….

It all began at the crack of dawn like many our friends…I had to wake up so early on a Saturday for our program… as I dragged myself out of bed all I thought was to sleep again in the car during my ride to Gopeng. As the sun rose, I walked towards Dynasty Hotel where I met my set of new cool friends, Delesh and the charming ladies, Mui and Bi Yu at 0700 hours on a journey yet to be discovered….

We then drove down towards the “overhead” restaurant where we were all to be gathered for breakfast. Once there, our Rotaract members, guests, some old, some new, swarmed the stalls in search for something to eat and energise them before the long two hour trip to Gopeng Toll for our next stop. While others were already energized even without breakfast the likes of Neeraj and Toufik bringing the fun and laughter…

At 1000am we all reached the Gopeng Toll and there met up with Yuen Li and Pip our Nomad Adventure guides for the day who took us for a ride within the little Kampung towards Sungai Kampar. Without wasting time, all 16 of us started to get ready and change while we waited for our ride to pick us up… and there it was…our four wheel drive!!…an old truck to cater for all of us… as we loaded ourselves into it…similar to the cattle being loaded on similar trucks, we all enjoyed the bumpy ride ducking all the branches and banana leaves within road in the Kampung waiving to the residents and passer-by as they returned their greetings with warm friendly smiles.

Barely half an hour later we were at the river gearing up with life jackets and helmets followed by the funniest safety demonstration by Yuen Li … with her funny grimace… As I looked on, each of us had to jump into the luke warm river just to practice a swim within the rough river before we team up into the different rafts.

After going for a spin we rode our rafts in team of five and the adventure began by hitting the white waters and paddling harder than ducks and every now and then pretending to smile for the camera… not a candid one though as we tried to desperately get a grip of the raft as we went down the river.

While Neeraj was busy trying to revive his lost childhood days he splashed water on every innocent member that passed by his raft …. After the orange break, William had the ride of his life picturing himself in Venice on the long boat… only to woken by the turbulences…. At the end of the river ride, all the Rotract members muscled up to carry the rafts back onshore just to realize Amit was too brave and risked his life in the calmness by injuring himself …while Delesh mourned over his poor worn-out Nike sneakers… its ok we’ll be calling for a donation soon…or setting up a fund…

Hopping back on the truck to base for lunch, members were happy stocking up calories for the next mission…while the Charlie’s Angels…Sham, Li Sun and Xin Ni were enjoying their picnic taking pictures and enjoying the Kampung serenity.

The group headed to the Gua Kandu cave all armed to their teeth with torch lights…. Especially with Anne’s keychain light….which was so sophisticated that only Neeraj could use… as we trailed our way through the dark cave and gloomy chambers, ducking, crawling and climbing skillfully reaching our destination for the photo shoot with the Rotaract banner and for the flight of our life…. The Flying Fox… not to forget our cameramen, Michel and Amit taking every other picture possible to capture our sweet model Choi Wan who has an eye for the best angle and scene. Our member ladies were in the forefront and bravely took the challenge and put the men to shame by going down first… the ride in total emptiness….with full of adrenalin and excitement screaming their lungs out… roughly 200 meters down the stretch… once down we then traced our way back to our starting point before we head for the Hot Springs in Sungai Klah

As we drove towards the Hot Springs deep inside the palm oil plantation it started to rain… but that didn’t dampen our spirits and continued on. Once there, the weather was just fine and without sparing any more time, we all got change and took a dip in the hot pool just to easy and relax our tired bodies…. We then drove back to KL after dinner… with just a couple of bruises, scrapped knees, cracked nails and sun burns… and more pictures to remember our amazing exhilarating action packed trip… what a great weekend!!!




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