Bush Dance & Bowling

19 02 2006

Story by Venkates Rao (told from a first timer’s POV)

When? 18 February 2006, Where? Rooftop Deck, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang. What? Sydney RYLA experience sharing session & Learning Bush Dance followed by Fellowship dinner at Ampang Yong Tau Foo and Bowling at Ampang Point

I was browsing through the internet searching for Rotaract clubs around town when I finally reached the website of RACKL. I called up President Sham and I was on my way to join them for a meeting along with my friend Ramu.

Being new guests to RACKL, we decided to attend the meeting for a short while. We ended up being with the RACKL gang till 9pm! As you keep reading our experience, you’ll know what made us stay.

The icebreaking game conducted at the beginning of the meeting was a good start for us to know each other. We had to get signatures from those who matched the quirks listed and this meant approaching everyone without even knowing them. Just spending a few minutes, we were approached by everyone in the hall (Ed: Venkates was the only February baby in the room! Instant stardom!) and that made us easy to move around after that.

The talk was on one of the member’s experience at the Sydney RYLA. I didn’t know what RYLA was all about but after hearing some stories, it sounds quite interesting. Then, we all joined in to learn the bush dance. But phew, this was a fun but tiring dance as we had to keep spinning and spinning.

“Makan-makan” might be part of RACKL’s most famous activity but the part I admired the most was how people from all races, locals and foreigners, were able to sit together and communicate without boundaries over steaming hot bowls of Ampang Yong Tau Foo. We were able to share a few of our experiences and also hear from the others on their interesting stories not only local but also global in content!

We continued on to bowling at Ampang Point. Ramu tried his best telling some stories to all the RACKLians, which I wouldn’t know whether it was true or false. He even showed off his fortune telling skills and it was an interesting moment where some people like the Perodua girl were so curious to know their faith and future. We even managed to learn a little basic about Chinese fortune telling from Chiam. Maybe you too can try catching hold of either of them to check your fortune.

By the end of the day, even though we started off as being totally new to the club, we felt like old friends!




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