Speak Up! and we were heard!

14 02 2006

When? 12 February 2006, Where? Embassy Room, Holiday Villa Jalan Ampang, What? District 3300 Speak-A-Thon 2006

Themed “Speak Up!” the recent district speak-a-thon was indeed a blast! Especially after those long committee meetings and challenges, the organising committee and host club managed to pull of a spectacular event (well, okay, a bit biased since am the organising chairperson, so sue me ;P)

This year, a total of 11 participants took part from the Rotaract Clubs of Bangsar (Jay Sindu), Bandar Sunway (Janice), Bernam Valley (Brandon), Damansara (President Kiran), Gombak (Henry), Kajang (President Joel), Kelana Jaya (Johel), Kuala Lumpur (Shreen), Melawati (Velary), Pudu (Nellie) and Universiti Teknologi Petronas (Frankie). Also, 13 clubs were there to show their support to the speakers and the event.

Guest Of Honour District Governor Nominee Dr Joseph Rajendran officiated the event. Also in attendance was District Rotaract Representative Jamie Tan and Rotarians from our parent Rotary club of Kuala Lumpur Diraja – Rotarian Halim, Rotarian Jalil and Rotarian Andy.

The speakers had to first go through a round of prepared speech with hot topics “Is Malaysia ready for same sex marriages?” and “Book smarts versus Street Smarts, which is the path to success?” being the favorites. Only two speakers went a different path; Henry of Gombak who presented “Live in the present or live for the future?” and Shreen of KL who gave us an interesting take on “Single women. A myth or reality?”

They were judged on content, delivery, language use and time punctuality by our panel of professional judges- Mr Kee Kin Onn, En Hisham Bahrin, En Rohijas Sharif and Dr Fabian Fidelis. All whom are amazing speakers with experience in Toastmasters and management training. Dr Fabian even has a book out on public speaking! (if Dr Fabian’s and Rohijas’s names sound familiar, its cos if you search the archives of this blog, you’ll find they have done Professional Development talks for us before. Kin Onn is if you didn’t know, one of our club’s alumni.)

The audience was not left out. The participating clubs were required to send in teams to participate in a rapid word game (basically it was taboo that we “repackaged”lah). This was indeed hilarious as each team had the pressure of trying to guess as many words as they could in 2 minutes while being put on stage for everyone to watch. The Rotaract Club of Gombak’s team of Kevit, Dinesh, Amanda and Sharon emerged the winners by a landslide taking home the giant RM100 hamper of goodies!

Anyways, the speakers were whittled down to 6 finalists after the first round – Frankie, Sindu, Kiran, Shreen, Nellie and Velary. They were sent into isolation before being sent in one by one for the impromptu session. Having only 30 seconds, they had to come up with convincing speeches on why they should be the one animal species saved when the world comes to an end. We added a little twist though, the animal species was based on the soft cuddly toys they had to pick from a bag! So, the speakers had to convince us why it was worth saving a lamb (Kiran), lion (Velary), cow (Shreen), bear (Sindu), horse (Nellie) and dog (frankie).

Another game was also in store for the audience as the judges then left the room for the judges deliberation. This time it was a mental challenge of figuring out who went where on the elevator and they were only given 15 minutes to do so! (aargh, that puzzle took me like 30 minutes and I still got it wrong!!!). The Rotaract Club of Melawati emeged the winner of this challenge and took home some yummy Famous Amos cookies. The audience members even tried to remind them that “Sharing is caring”… hehehe…

Finally the time we were all waiting for anxiously (well, here’s a secret, I knew earlier so I was waiting anxiously to jump and shout… hihi…). The second runner up was president Kiran of RAC Damansara and the first runner up was Rtr Jay Sindu of RAC Bangsar. But, the winner was certainly expected and unexpected… a surprise victory for the hosts RAC Kuala Lumpur’s speaker Shreen!

And to end the long day, after tons of picture taking, some of us adjourned to the nearest mamak for a good cup of teh o’ ais limau and milo panas!




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4 10 2006

Hi. Hmm… I was a student of Sunway College. Heard of a lecturer called Mr. Fabian Fidelis. Cool guy. Is he the same person mentioned here? Didn’t know he was a doctor. What doctor is he?


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