Woof woof, gong xi fa cai!

5 02 2006

When? 5th February 2006, Where? Tian Yuen Vegetarian Restaurant Taman Miharja, What? Chinese New Year celebration & Irfan’s Farewell dinner.

Vegetarian food for Chinese New Year celebration? (Err, well, I guess after a week long of lazing around and pigging out, it would be appropriate.) Anyways, was surprised to see the restaurant really really packed… there was even a line at the door waiting to get in… :O

Everyone was ready and dressed in “auspicious” colours… funnily enough it was the whole indian segment of the club came dressed in traditional CNY red! Hahaha…

Anyways, the turnout was awesome including our alumni – Catherine, PP Foo & Vijay. The height we Lou Sang should ensure our club in having enough prosperity and happiness for centuries to come 😉 The vegetarian yee sang was yummylicious as were all the vegetarian dishes (all that “tastes like…” stuff lah)…

But the most VIP for the day, was our very own Irfan… after a “tear-shedding” speech (actually because it was funnylah…), we presented him with some self-help books and a Lat comic (can’t forget our truly Malaysian roots now can we?). Then as usual, it was time for a round of picture taking (including some of the bellies of our guys…eeew) and the girls showing off some legs…
And then, it was past the restaurant’s closing time and we were practically kicked out, but believe it or not, we adjourned to the mamak across the road despite the downpour to enjoy the rest of the night.




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